Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Teachers
Useful materials for teachers of English as a Second Language

Useful Techniques
Interesting Ways Teachers Can Use
By Charles Kelly

Assigning Web Homework to Non-connected Classes
By Charles Kelly & Larry Kelly, A Conference Presentation (2004)

Effective Ways to Use Authentic Materials with ESL/EFL Students
By Charles Kelly, Lawrence Kelly, Mark Offner and Bruce Vorland (The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. VIII, No. 11, November 2002)

Handouts for the Classroom
My Classmates
By Charles Kelly & Larry Kelly, Reprinted from one of our textbooks.

Moodle Themes
Moodle Themes and Moodle Blocks by Charles Kelly
Creating Online Educational Materials
WordPlayer (Flash)
It plays 1-word MP3 files.

LARAP - Listen and Read Along Practice Machine (Flash)
Students can listen and at the same time see the text.

Charles Kelly's Online Quiz Generator
You can generate quizzes for your own website or contribute data for use on

Charles Kelly's Bilingual Online Quiz Generator
You can generate quizzes and vocabulary lists for your own website or contribute data for use on

Useful Tools
Words within Words (Currently Not Working)
Find words within a word or phrase. Useful for generating word games for students. (This may not work on some computers.)


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Useful Tips
Overcoming the iPod Shuffle Problem for Podcast Listeners and Language Lab Users
The trouble with the iPod Shuffle is that it can only load MP3 files from one computer if used with iTunes.

Guidelines for Designing a Good Web Site for ESL Students
By Charles Kelly (The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. VI, No. 3, March 2000)

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