LARAP = Listen and Read Along Practice
As students listen, they can read the text.
By Charles Kelly


Briefly, ...

This is a pre-compiled Flash application that plays a folder of sequentially numbered MP3 files and displays the information in the ID3 tags. The way I frequently use it is to split a longer MP3 file into smaller files, each with one sentence or phrase. I then put the text of what is being said in the "songname" tag of each file.

Take a Look

Screen Shot

image of LARAP


You may download and use the distribution version of the "larap.swf" if each of the following statements is true. If your project is for ESL/EFL students, please submit your link to iteslj.org/links so that all web-connected ESL/EFL students can benefit from your work.

How to Get a Copy of "larap.swf" for Your Web Site

This is still in development, so for now, I'm asking that you only request a copy if you meet the license criteria, are immediately willing to install it on your server, will create a listening of your own, and then send me that URL, your comments, bug reports and other feedback.

Send me a message requesting a copy. In the message, include your email address, the URL of your web site and the potential URL of the subdirectory where you will host activities using larap.swf.