English Sentence Patterns (with Audio)


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  • Wildcards: Tom, Mary
    Try substituting in names of people you know.
  • Tags: While I'm developing this set of pages, this is just a rough category to help group similar sentences.
  • Level: This is also just a rough guide.
  • Sentences are sorted by length, with up to 50 sentences per page.
  • Only sentences from the Tatoeba Corpus that have been proofread are included.
  • Warning! The Tatoeba Corpus has errors. (Read details.) I have limited my use to English sentences that I have personally proofread. However, some of the translations may be wrong or were written by non-native speakers and sound very unnatural.
  • Teachers and high-level students can help by joining the Tatoeba Project and translating these sentences into their own native languages.

This project is still under construction.

  • These pages are being built from a collection of over 139,000 English sentences that I have recorded.
  • If you notice any problems, please write to me using kelly.reachby.com.