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Hiragana and Katakana

Beginners may want to jump to the Kana Links that are near the bottom of the page.

Tools to Help Read Japanese Web Pages

Tools to Help Read Japanese Text

These also help read a web page. You just have to copy and paste the text into the form.

Quizzes to Help You Study Kanji

Quizzes to Help You Study Vocabulary & Grammar

Vocabulary Flashcards

Some Japanese Quizzes Found on

Romaji Quizzes


Browse and Study Lists of Kanji

Kanji Lookup

Vocabulary Lists

Things to Listen To

News in Simple Japanese

Audio That Is Good For Pronunciation Practice and Intonation Practice




A Few Favorites - Not Aimed at JSL Students

These are not aimed at JSL students, but if you understand Japanese fairly well, they are good.

JSL Podcasts

  • For Beginners

  • For Intermediate to Advanced Students

    A list of directories with podcasts in Japanese

    Perhaps good to find conversational listening practice.

    Things to Listen to with Scripts

    These could be considered part of the above section as well. Streaming RealVideo News with the exact script of what the announcer says.

    Things to Read with "Help"

    Things to Read

    You could use some of the Tools to Help Read Japanese Web Pages listed above to help you read some of these pages.


    Grammar Reference & Lessons

    Dialogs can be listened to without logging in.  (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

    Study Kana (Hiragana & Katakana)

    Help with Writing Japanese

    Free Software - Various Platforms (Windows, Mac, ...)

    Free Software - Windows

    Free Software - Macintosh

    Things for Teachers

    Online Tools

    Online Dictionaries


    Pages about Japanese

    Things to Read for Motivation & Hints

    Online Translation

    Please remember that machine translation is not very accurate.


    About Japan

    Not really language study, but studying culture is related.

    JLPT Study

    Text-to-Speech (TTS) - Voice Synthesizers

    Require Registration (Remember the Kanji)
    ??  - fairly easy to use once you get used to all the popping up stuff.


    The following are commercial websites

    Previously Featured Links

    Names in Katanaka (
    Learn how to write your name and your friends' names in Japanese.
    Enter a "Gaijin" First Name (ファーストネーム):
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