Tab-delimited Bilingual Sentence Pairs
These are selected sentence pairs from the Tatoeba Project.

Updated: 2017-09-29

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About These Files

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  • Warning! There are errors in the Tatoeba Corpus. (Detailed Warning)
  • In order to minimize the number of errors, I only used sentences that were owned by identified native speakers working on the Tatoeba Project and English sentences that I've personally checked and did not reject.
  • Warning! Please remember that even doing this may not have eliminated all errors.

How the Data Looks

English + TAB + The Other Language

Tom broke the window.	トムは窓を割った。
Tom checked the time.	トムは時間を確認した。

Terms of Use

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More Information about These Sentences

  • This part of our website uses sentences from the Tatoeba Project. (Read About the Tatoeba Project)
  • I have attempted to filter out sentences that are potentially offensive and not appropriate for all ages and cultures. If you find something that should be removed, please send me a "bug report."
  • These are sorted by length, with the shortest sentences first.

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