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Note: February 2014

  • I started a set of pages at AITstudy.com/voa.
    Audio and Text - Listen and Read Along
    In Special English from VOA's "Learning English"
    • These pages work well on portable devices such as an iPad, and also on standard computers.
    • I created these web pages so students can have both the text and the audio conveniently on the same page.
    • I'm maintaining this on a different web server because www.ManyThings.org is sometimes slow when we have a lot of visitors at the same time. Recently, this has been happening more and more often.

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Today's Full 30-minute Program

Note: Feb. 2014
VOAnews.com has
changed the location of this MP3 file
or has discontinued this service,
so now this is not currently updating.

10 minutes of "As It Is" followed by 2 feature stories.
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