David Byrne, "Look Into the Eyeball"

By Caty Weaver


Singer and songwriter David Byrne released a new album last week called "Look Into the Eyeball." Shirley Griffith tells us about him.


David Byrne became popular as lead singer of the band Talking Heads. The band formed in Nineteen-Seventy-Five and broke up fifteen years later. Its famous songs include "Psycho Killer" and "Burning Down The House."

David Byrne also wrote music for films, plays and a ballet. "Look Into the Eyeball" is his first album since Nineteen-Ninety-Seven.He says he tried to mix the warmth of the violin and other orchestral sounds with a dance beat. Listen now to an example of that combination in the song "Like Humans Do."

(CUT 1 - "Like Humans Do")

David Byrne has used musicians from around the world on his recordings.In Nineteen-Eighty-Eight, he formed a record company to support world music.On his latest album, he sings a song in Spanish with help from a singer in Mexico. Here is "Desconocido Soy."

(CUT 2 - "Desconocido Soy")

David Byrne says he wants the music on "Look Into the Eyeball" to make people cry and dance at the same time. We leave you now with another song from his latest album, "Smile."

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