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How to Add Your Own Files

Put the numbered files and the associated index.htm file in an appropriate folder.

You can manually name all the files or use a utility such as R-Name to automatically rename files with sequential numbers.

Edit 2 "index.htm" Pages

On a Macintosh, I use the free TextWrangler to do this.

1. Edit the "index.htm" within the "listening" folder.

To create the "index.htm" file for each listening -- that is the "index.htm" file that goes within the "listening folder," just make a copy of one of the "index.htm" files from one of the demos.

You need to change 3 things in the file: The Title, and the number of MP3 files (in 2 places).

2. Edit the main "index.htm"  (The Menu Page).

The first time you'll need to change the TITLE of the Page in 2 places.

After that, all you need to do is copy one line of the menu, paste it where you want it, then edit it in 2 places, changing the FOLDER NAME  ("lr")  and the NAME OF THE ACTIVITY ("L and R Words")

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