Commonly-Used American Slang - Page 16

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We need to sit down and rap about a few things.

When are you going to be able to move out of that rathole?

The raw office workers were not getting much done.

ream someone out
The boss really reamed him out for his bad report.

red hot
Your idea is really red hot.

Hey, don't repo my car. I will pay next week.

The circus was really rinky-dink.

The comedy program was a real riot.

road hog
That driver is a road hog.

Would you like your whiskey on the rocks?

rough time
We have had a rough time this winter.

Is that a rug on his head?

rug rat
My sister has three rug rats.

My wife rules the house.

run off at the mouth
He is always running off at the mouth.
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