Commonly-Used American Slang - Page 17

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run out of gas
The politician ran out of gas during the campaign.

When did you hit the sack last night?

Don't lose your money in some kind of scam.

Since he hadn't eaten in a week, he scarfed down everything on his plate.

What a stupid schmuck.

screw around
If you screw around all day at this work, you will have to come back again.

screw up
If you screw up one more time, I will fire you.

He is very sharp with numbers

I'll give the puzzle another shot.

shot down
Everyone shot down my idea at first, but later agreed that it was a good idea.

The police threw them both in the slammer.

Try not to get smashed at the beer party.

smoke eater
My father is a smoke eater.

It is time to split and go see the movie.

The cows were spooked by the howling of the wolves.
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