Commonly-Used American Slang - Page 15

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pop for something
It is my turn to pop for the doughnuts.

He is really a pro at his work.

Can you give me a gentle prod next week so I won't forget?

psyched up
The players are really psyched up for the game on Friday.

She is a psycho. She should be in a hospital.

I feel like I am going to puke.

push off
I am going to push off now.

put the moves on
You should give up trying to put the moves on her. She is married.

It was an elaborate put-on which I almost believed.

Who is going to quarterback the meeting?

quick buck
I need to make a quick buck.

I have to hit the rack by ten or I'll be tired in the morning.

rack out
I am going to rack out for two hours.

There sure was a lot of racket outside last night.

I can't believe we still get this same old rag.
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