Listed in Groups of 500

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ŠÕ leisure ŒÓ barbarian —H seclude s high ‘‚ cadet £ scout ‰r recitation àu broil ›  wall ”Ú lowly •Ž scorn ’’ casting –• rub ˆÑ military officer ’Î Zelkova tree —ê slave ‰Ð calamity ’± butterfly — dairy products Œs stalk ”Ä pan-   time ƒ commander —À weir À departed “H drip “ä riddle ‘ô polish –¥ winnowing “½ hide ’Ü claw ”m banana € stop “Ï rush matting Œ® key ‹Ý collar Œu lightning-bug “è oak Ô banana Š• helmet ‰Ç widow —®@ lapis lazuli —Ÿ diarrhea —f commonplace •ü companion ŒÆ mother-in-law ‰G crow —• indigo ‹¡ temporary home ‘¯ burglar ï squeeze ‰‚ cover ‰P mortar ”È paddy-ridge —É distant ‰S songs with samisen E cavity ‹k mandarin orange Ÿù gargle ˜C spine •O Japanese cypress ‰ torture ‘v dwell ì lass ‰‘ garden ’F southeast “m woods Œk mountain stream ‰¥ venerable old man åY art —õ bargain ‰å tusk ‹Þ discreet “µ pupil —N boil ‹Ó take pleasure in —q kiln –J praise X ugly é° high •Ñ volume ¡ measuring box Ÿ this •õ peak } martyrdom ”Ï anxiety ”b comma-design ’õ happiness – pillow ŠN censure •ì kind of grass ‘ degenerate ˜¥ bowl žw Japanese cypress —Å angle –´ pupil (eye) ŽV scaffold å sacred Shinto tree Žà copper ‰` bean œœ ˜` Yamato –¹ bridegroom •ç pining •_ mausoleum ’¶ sake bottle ”ã beautiful ”ë quit ‹¸ rectify –^ so-and-so Žú captured Š@ charging ahead of others –÷ thicket “ø rainbow ƒ large bird ”å ooze ‰— at æà strong and brave ‘Q steadily ˆ§ meeting ‘ú kite ‰L cormorant ˆÁ@ hermitage ‘V small low table ‰á mosquito ˆ¨ hollyhock –ï unlucky ‘” seaweed ˜\ fief –Ð chief éì wild goose ˜T wolf ’„ legitimate wife Žô spell Ža beheading ë be pointed Šã take pleasure in ›Ô peak ‹Ä high ‰… grudge ‹¨ you ‹ø shish kebab ›ß stop Šd menacing –¤ sign of the snake or serpent “Ê convex ’¨ stretch Žî tumor ˆ¾ millet ‰ swallow (bird) ‰C rhyme ’Ô compose û clay –Ý mochi rice cake ˜D foolish É nitrate ‰² male ”¢ chopsticks ’º imperial order ‹Ú parsley ˆÇ apricot ‰Þ (used phonetically) Š» coffin –P male mythical bird Š] fragrant ”Á spot ˆü shade à how Œd wise ‹_ national or local god • gift D distress ë heron ˜O watchtower •j refined ŒÑ men's formal divided skirt ‹§ correct ”û eyebrow Š¡ cutting (grass) Ž] praise ›š an official rank ‹Ô respect d fuel ’X fill ‘Í piled high ŒÏ fox ŠŒ brown ‰¨ seagull àc juice ’ð "counter for guns, inksticks, palanquins, rickshaws Ž’ grant µ steep Šå wild goose ’Ï cultivated rice field ‘Ž rule ‘U darning  archaic part of Korea ’Ù jar Š€ oak ð plug ‰ green ˆ¼ freshwater trout c wick –¨ honey ”d plant Y hazelnut ‰š concave ‰ glossy ’Ÿ quire (of paper) Žf pay respects ‰± tub ‘y all ŒÒ thigh “õ fragrant ˆÆ saddle ’Ó vine Šß play Šž miscanthus reed ’ò ladder Ž´@ drip ãJ bonds ˜B tempering –© port –I bee ”¹ falcon ‘Ç rudder  strand ‰Ï jewel à… shine ’ inmost ’€ pursue Ë reject ‹H rare Šà cancer ‰ã high mountain ‰R lie × flag ˜U seclude oneself •‡ lotus Ù imperial edict ŽH swamp — chick © prostitute â½ seal-style characters ŽL shark ˆÖ chair ˆÒ consider ”v label “† cave Œ– noisy —C help Ó reed ¾ camphor —s shine ‘á blackened eyebrows Ž¶ scold ‹ù comb ˆ­ kindness ˆ¥ push open “² yearnafter ”G get wet ‘„ spear ª wee hours åõ rise –Ï delusion “Õ sincere ’`@ egg ãù dried meat ☠whip Ž³ muscles •á for the first time ŽÞ bartending ˆ trench Šð glad š’ play (music) ‘“ blue ‰a food âÊ weirfish trap ›³ tower ŠŸ rice gruel ŠÚ mansion çì ç¾ place name å an edible river snail ô shine •ù lift up ”Ð distribute ‘ü only Žˆ limb âµ a koto ’h cedar ” swan ŠM victory song œa comet “£ mimeograph ŠÐ admonish Š~ evergreen oak ‰\ rumor Ò stature –Ä female ˆ² catalpa tree —Œ Kyoto ‘ç whey Ô fort ‰N sign of the ox or cow ┠mace ˜n bracken ”¶ talk R tell Žk heir ŒG corner Š grant ¦ uncanny Ž¬ eventide ˆº kimono design ’@ strike Ž¹ jealous ñ conjunction (astronomy) äï type of tortoise used for divination •G knee ß spindle ‹w foe ‰¾ nursing ˆÎ barbarian œ“ selfish áÒ sleep ¤ furrow ´ extract Y stake ‹õ temporary abode –Ë noodles ‘Õ be crowned with ‘u refreshing ž cuff êt dark ‘Ä lazy ¿ sit èI needle ”Ø barbarian ”· projecting tableland or mountain á be clear ‰  flourishing ˆ¯ reed âE rock ™÷ all –G show symptoms of ‹À banquet ˜c warp –» dark ŽÃ recollect ˆë I —Ú lapis lazuli ”B leek ‘† rowing ‹n wooden pestle åK a kind of grass äP glue ˆò license áÁ truth –Ö ignorance ”× grow luxuriously “Û drink Œò marquis ‰O äª tea ˜[ foot of a mountain •m shore Žª sow (seeds) Œï carp ’G length ŒÊ arc Œm think Ꭰlump àV swamp Ÿî far and wide —y far off R kick ˆ½ some æ] obituary ‹é ruler ™Í house ™l false charge ” come off w type of morning glory ‹  tomboy æÒ luxury ñ staff ŠW cover ˆØ fear A throat ŸŠ flowing full —Q ‰l sparkle of jewelry r ™Ö wide • affixed •V spotted ”Q twist Šš chew ‰K sign of the hare –‘ measuring • stroke ’ talk ’A however ˆì overflow èˆ wide åU hide Ÿ´ name of a Chinese river œd swelling “‘ select ’ä shave ‘µ be complete ãY figured cloth œp wander J fork in road ŠÆ pole ŠI crab ˆð potato åÍ long kimono ät @ wipe ˆ© madder —½ endure –j cheek ~ kitchen Ò rhinocerous âÀ á© white áS be resuscitated Ÿ© sparkling water Ÿ{ burr žú written appeal ›L beautiful •g leech ”k old woman ‘p plexus š Japanese cedar Œ roar Šä counterfeit Ÿ­ wash –á get –× be profitable ”ê scarlet “\ stick ’³ spy out ‘â sea bream áP jar šb pant —å wise —­ collect —W village –g halberd •í emulate •É blue “• nonstandard for J825 ’ú abandon ÷ broil ‰Z melon ãk fine (i.e. not coarse) šM nurse ’Æ hammer ‘í peck õ good crops šn like ˜ñ together ”l abuse “Ñ sign of the bird ’û hoof Œz neck ãó embryo ˜S prison •³ shit ’î serving our elders ’Ý suspend ‘È ellipse ø salmon Œî beg Œ frugal šk smell ˜l apologize – salmon trout •Ì ignore “Q rut Ý a kind of miso › fall in love with œA broad ˜m straw —M citron ‘C dancing radical ŽÈ stripe æ extol žX river willow —Ø scales (fish) –š cocoon “B nail ’o slacken ’K tanuki p 9th calendar sign Œ¥ inkstone ‰Ú shrimp •Š levy •Å page ‹Ð towel –e form ãè anus ˆ¶ address Ž¤ piles Ö skirt ‰] say ‘B gland Œ‘ lose interest in Žø ribbon –Õ decrease ‰Ó counters for things –˜ until ¤ ground-breaking “ó II ‰y audience ‹ñ uneasiness ŠŽ moreover ‹Ò axe Ž£ emperor's seal ŽÙ ladle ŽÝ baron •¸ third class –æ monme •è 5th calendar sign M 7th á¡ 10th calendar sign ˆå sign of the hog è| S12 ‘¿ luxury ½ treetops ä¿ the violet ãd thread ♠a reed instrument à  shine àY water route à™ burn Ÿä deep and broad ã the Pleiades î clear í morning —Ä clear ›Ã towering in a row ™¤ strong —Ù Chinese unicorn šõ star —G soothe —Ô jewel – straight grain –è melting “â lull ’Û pongee (a knotted silk cloth) ê£ cold ’ó water's edge “æ press •A holly × large · victory ŽW brilliant v end † pure sake' éD suddenly Ò iris Ñ dice º polish ‹Ü neck ‰Ö eggplant Š¤ strong Œô happiness ‹f ball Œè ancestral offering receptacle Œæ Chinese parasol tree ‹è beautiful black jewel ‰b intelligence ê¤ bright ˆû descendent Ž¢ you –› I å help –’ also ŽÑ gauze –ë question mark èñ eulogy áÆ pupil of the eye —ž glassy •™ butterbur Ÿ« alike ˜Ð urge to eat çŒ edify ŒU a coarse camlet ’U nightbreak —” excessive ’¯ dilate æm consult with æx tedious —È fact ž½ coconut tree å late “— pox žx bookmark “ be aggravated Æ how … abide by ‹b friendship –¸ type of deciduous tree ¾ Buddhist surplice —à actor —u lotus œú 7-9PM •– maple —™ officer V rise ’½ majestic plural Œ¼ string ä» jasmine àô beautiful as a jewel ä jasmine ŠÎ reed used to cover tatami Ž weight š excuse ‘Y model ‘L pig iron Šê skill