Listed in Groups of 500

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one two O three l four five Z six seven eight nine \ ten S hundred thousand day month fire water tree gold y soil up below left E right large middle small hand foot eye ear mouth l person q child woman j male name N year R mountain river woods X forest c rice paddy sky J rain V heaven C feeling [ evening flower grass | bamboo dog insect L shellfish stone king ball power thread car sound w study Z school previous life letter writing { book village village red white blue ~ yen correct early enter o exit stand up x rest see t springtime summer H autumn ~ winter ray wind clear up _ cloud snow morning daytime night noon bright star field field boulder J valley C sea r pond public garden east west south k north time minute T week j weekday now origin interval e parent father mother Z older brother younger brother o older sister younger sister oneself F friend body hair head face neck voice S heart v think l think genius say L write down b talk write read hear country language Z calculate number reason section company association } drawing picture H craft make y pleasure song G picture F color paper yellow black ` shape _ point circle line straight p angle fit v measure what answer d electricity teach m know ten thousand every -times half hit turn g association cross pass through road place n ground direction capital s city village house Buddhist temple X store gates room door pedestal D steam D boat | bow (for archery) arrow sword cow n horse fish bird chirp H feather meat rice wheat tea H eat active p use O in front behind inside O outside far near many few old V new thick thin strong weak long tall L wide same walk run s go come A returning home ~ stop sell buy pull cut bad cheap dark medicine committee idea nurture member @ institution drink ^ carry j swim w station center side shop warm change luggage E world J open K floor of a building cold feeling China public building beach N wake up period of time q guest research } hurry rank { Shinto shrine ball leave bridge business musical composition office silver ward suffer tool N you W person in charge y light blood decide sharpen prefecture warehouse lake over there K happiness ` harbor number root celebrate M dish d do death g use n begin w finger tooth poem next abstract thing hold style truth copy someone master protect take alcoholic drink accept B state E pick up I end K learn W collect Z dwelling d heavy h inn place hot help shining extinguish sell chapter win ride A plant \ say g body _ god(s) ^ true [ deep i advance world put in order long ago S whole mutual send z concept breath fast tribe other hit opposite wait substitute ordinal number prefix topic Y charcoal Z short k discuss wear pour pillar "street account book investigate follow decide garden J flute S iron ] revolve s metropolis x degrees throw beans island hot water o climb class move juvenile _ farming g wave z distribute { double box (vegetable) garden departure anti- slope board skin sad beauty @ nose M writing brush X ice \ express b second (of time) a sick i article lose part clothes luck thing flat return endeavor release flavor fate face question service medicine R reason oil L have V play \ in advance r sheep m ocean t leaf z sunshine l formal title fall stream trip both green thanks row practic H road a peace love plan since clothes rank surround stomach mark p England h prosperity salt hundred million add fruit freight section bud reformation B machine Q harm X street e each o memorize perfect government official pipe related observe request hope G seasons I chronicle rejoice national flag container @ machine c deliberation request cry ~ salvation salary raise fishing together cooperation mirror emulate poles P instruction R army S county a diameter ^ model i scenery | art lack tie build healthy