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Katakana Reading Practice

After loading the quiz, go to "Start Flashcards," then choose "Start カタカナ." You can also do the other kinds of quizzes, but maybe they will be a little too easy. However, for reading practice, that may not matter.

Easy Katakana Game

Memory/Concentration Game

Not only do you have to match them, you have answer "Is is a pair?"

Satoru Shinagawa's Quiz Data - Charles Kelly's JavaScript

These quizzes are part of the Internet TESL Journal's English-Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes.

Mutliple-Choice, Matching or Flashcards

Matching Quiz

Words Appearing in Newspapers That Do Not Use Kanji

These are words that normally appear only in kana. These Flash quizzes are in the order of frequency of word use.

Matching Quiz

Anki Deck (Data for Anki - Free at http://ankisrs.net/)

Download this, unzip it, then put it in your Anki folder with your other decks. You may need to open it using the menu "open" or by double-clicking the first time you use it.

If you don't already use Anki, vist the website at http://ankisrs.net/ to download this free application for Macintosh, Windows or Linux.

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