Japanese Study Tools on an iPad
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Put PDF files on your iPad

Put Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide on Your iPad

Put Paul Dixon's JLPT Level 2 Kanji Dictionary on Your iPad

Put some of the Tanaka Corpus on your iPad

Note: I plan to upload a new set of these soon.

If you haven't downloaded them yet, I'd suggest bookmarking this page and coming back soo to grab the new files.

What I plan to do is to only include sentences that have been proofread by native speakers. This way, you can trust the sentences.

These are 2 of the old files, you can try, in the meantime.

Put Jim Breen's EDICT Dictionary on Your iPad for Free

Method 1 - Grab the "Kotoba" iPhone App (Free)

Method 2 - Put it on your iPad as a PDF File

Note About Searching

Feedback Wanted

Screenshots taken within the (free) iBook app

Step 1

Step 2

Actually, it seems that you may not need to switch to the English keyboard, but entering a space seems to be necessary.

Step 3

Other Apps

Using the App "Flashcardlet"

Using the App "Read It Later" or Using Safari

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