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Sentences with "younger"
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We were younger then.   T68379
あの頃の我々はもっと若かった。   T231012
If only I was younger.   T629000
若かったらよかったのに。   T148769
I wish I were younger.   T30437
もっと若ければいいのに。   T193273
もっと若ければなぁ。   T193272
私がもっと若ければいいのに。   T167916
I'm younger than he is.   T260814
私は彼より若いです。   T153729
Who is younger, he or I?   T284464
彼と私とどちらのほうが若いですか。   T119199
Are you younger than him?   T15804
君は彼より若いのかい。   T176956
I'm much younger than you.   T257130
私は君よりもずっと若い。   T157403
Don't pick on younger kids.   T264814
自分より年下の子をいじめるものではありません。   T149744
He's much younger than Tom.   T292105
彼はとても若い。   T111578
彼はトムよりずっと若い。   T111488
John is my younger brother.   T52584
ジョンは私の弟です。   T215285
Were you younger than Ellen?   T70164
あなたはエレンより若かったですか。   T232793
You are no younger than I am.   T249631
私と同様にあなたも若くない。   T164876
I am two years younger than he.   T260809
私は彼より2歳若い。   T153734
I'm three years younger than you.   T252889
私はあなたより3歳若い。   T161627
She is two years younger than me.   T317019
彼女は僕より2歳年下だ。   T86692
Sam is two years younger than Tom.   T54029
サムはトムより二歳年下です。   T216723
I wish Tom were my younger brother.   T37403
トムが僕の弟であればよいのに。   T200202
My younger brother is taller than I.   T278563
弟は私より背が高い。   T125430
He is younger than me by three years.   T298053
彼は私より三つ年下です。   T105635
He mistook me for my younger brother.   T297428
彼は私と弟を取り違えた。   T106259
Of the two girls, she is the younger.   T309898
彼女は、2人のうちで若い方です。   T93809
He is three years younger than Father.   T298036
彼は父より3つ年上です。   T105651
Her new hair-do made her look younger.   T269219
新しい髪型のせいで彼女は若く見えた。   T145344
I often look back at my younger years.   T253889
私はしばしば若い時を振り返る。   T160631
He was mistaken for his younger brother.   T301713
彼は弟と間違えられた。   T101981
In his younger days he worked very hard.   T265734
若い頃彼はとても熱心に働いた。   T148825
Cookie is younger than Kate by ten years.   T63008
クッキーはケイトより10歳若い。   T225671
He went through a lot when he was younger.   T299119
彼は若い頃、結構苦労した。   T104571
There is no returning to our younger days.   T265785
若い日に戻ることはできない。   T148774
Your story reminded me of my younger days.   T16853
君の話しは私に若い頃のことを思い出させた。   T178001
"Who is younger, Hanako or Taro?" "Taro is."   T73742
「花子と太郎のどちらが若いですか」「太郎です」   T236377
He's very young. He's much younger than Tom.   T292106
彼はとても若い。彼はトムよりずっと若い。   T111577
Uniform number No. 7 is his younger brother.   T282469
背番号7番が彼の弟です。   T121536
The actress looks younger than she really is.   T46579
その女優は実際よりも若く見える。   T209318
If I were younger, I would go abroad to study.   T30439
もっと若ければ、海外に留学するのに。   T193274
I have one older brother and a younger sister.   T257144
私は兄がひとりと妹がひとりいます。   T157389
私は兄が一人、妹が一人います。   T157388
You can't mistake him for his younger brother.   T307915
彼を彼の弟と間違えっこない。   T95790
John is not as old as Bill; he is much younger.   T52663
ジョンはビルと同じではなく、ずっと年下だ。   T215362
The scenery carried me back to my younger days.   T48573
その景色を見て若い日々のことを思い出した。   T211299
Boys tend to look down on their younger sisters.   T388554
男の子は自分の妹を見下しがちである。   T127237
男の子は妹を見下ろしがちである。   T127233
His will was transmitted to his younger brother.   T285528
彼の意志は弟に伝えられた。   T118136
I expect him to take care of my younger brother.   T260073
私は彼が私の弟の世話をしてくれるものと期待している。   T154468
What would you do if you were ten years younger?   T31105
もし10歳若ければ、あなたはなにをしますか。   T193937
He is inferior to his younger brother in English.   T293979
彼は英語においては弟に劣る。   T109711
My father is two years younger than my mother is.   T319343
父は母より2歳若い。   T84371
My father retired to make way for younger people.   T319263
父は若い人たちに道を譲って退職した。   T84452
At that time, my mother was younger than I am now.   T50373
そのころ母は今の私より若かった。   T213089
Mother told him to look after his younger brother.   T320839
母は彼に弟の世話をしなさいといった。   T82877
We cannot distinguish her from her younger sister.   T22700
我々は彼女と彼女の妹を区別できない。   T185568
Her hair style makes her look younger than her age.   T316192
彼女は髪型で実際の年齢よりも若く見える。   T87516
I recall the day when the younger brother was born.   T259573
私は弟が生まれた日を覚えている。   T154966
Is the new job going well for your younger brother?   T278528
弟さんは新しい仕事がうまくいっていますか。   T125465
She tried to look much younger than she really was.   T316126
彼女は年よりうんと若くみせようとした。   T87582
The younger generation looks at things differently.   T265773
若い世代の人たちは、物事を違った目で見る。   T148785
He was edged out of office by a group of younger men.   T299147
彼は若い人のグループにその職から追い落とされた。   T104543
I don't know whether he's younger or older than I am.   T283738
彼が私より若いのか年上なのかわからない。   T120271
The same thing holds good for the younger generation.   T280274
同じことが若い世代についてもいえる。   T123721
You must keep in mind that she's much younger than you.   T70276
あなたは、彼女があなたよりずっと若いということを頭に入れておくべきです。   T232906
It is said that he worked very hard in his younger days.   T299112
彼は若いときよく働いたそうだ。   T104578
彼は若い頃はとてもよく働いたらしい。   T104564
He is not more than two or three years younger than I am.   T288006
彼は、せいぜい2、3歳僕より若いだけです。   T115664
Her name was Linda, and she was a year younger than Tony.   T322936
名前はリンダで、トニーより1つ年下でした。   T80779
It is said that the younger generation today is apathetic.   T242579
今日の若い世代はしらけている。   T171895
Lucy's mother told her to take care of her younger sister.   T29577
ルーシーの母親は彼女に妹の世話をするように言った。   T192413
"In my opinion," said the younger brother, "you are wrong."   T73678
「私の意見では」弟が言った。「あなたは間違っている」。   T236313
The older ones do not always know more than the younger ones.   T282201
年上のものがいつも年下のものより物知りだとは限らない。   T121804
Seen from a distance, he looks much younger than he really is.   T325378
離れて見ると、彼は実際よりずっと若く見える。   T78339
If he were a little younger, he would be eligible for the post.   T283299
彼がもう少し若ければその地位に適任なのだが。   T120709
Then the younger brother set off, and the older remained behind.   T43029
それで、弟は出発した。兄はそのまま残った。   T205782
Urban culture appears to be attractive to the younger generation.   T289644
都会の文化は若い世代には魅力的に見える。   T114028
Younger Cubans tend to tune into the American TV network.   T63141
キューバの若い人達はよくアメリカのテレビを視聴している。   T225803
Did you hear that our neighbor was fooling around with a younger woman?   T325949
隣の人が若い女の人と不倫しているらしいよ。   T77769
Television shows violence, which influences, above all, younger people.   T39187
テレビは暴力行為を見せて、それがとりわけ年少の者たちに影響を及ぼす。   T201976
When they had read what was written on the stone, the younger brother said:   T306984
彼らは石に書かれていることを読んだとき、弟が言った。   T96720
Because she takes after her younger sister, I cannot tell one from the other.   T317055
彼女は妹によく似ているので、私は2人の区別がつかない。   T86656
My sister is three years younger than I and my brother is four years younger.   T322319
妹は3歳年下で弟は4歳年下です。   T81396
Nothing is left so vividly in our mind as the impressions we received in our younger days.   T265700
若いころに受けた印象ほど鮮やかに心に残るものはない。   T148858
"I do not regret having gone into the forest and up the mountain," replied the younger brother.   T73775
「わたしは森の中に入って、山に駆け上がったことを後悔していない。」と弟は答えた。   T236409
Again the younger brother became a wanderer, and he arrived one day at the house of the older brother.   T243660
再び、彼は放浪者となって、彼はある日、兄の家にたどり着いた。   T170820
The younger brother replied, "I have heard: 'He who is afraid of the leaves must not go into the forest.'"   T278527
弟が返事をした。「わたしは『葉っぱを恐れていたら森には入れない』ときいたことがある。」   T125467
If you try to defend the seniority-based corporate escalator these days all you'll get is flak from younger employees.   T242077
今時、年功序列だなんて言っても、若い奴の反発を食うだけですよ。   T172398
A baby camel is younger than a young camel.   T568705
No Translation   T568705
Alexander is not younger than Vladimir.   T522407
No Translation   T522407
Bill and his younger brother are nothing alike.   T424898
No Translation   T424898
Did you leave at the same time as my younger sister?   T534747
No Translation   T534747
He had his younger sister help him paint the wall of his room   T762450
No Translation   T762450
He is engaged to my younger sister.   T297996
No Translation   T297996
He is five years younger than me.   T860123
No Translation   T860123
He married a girl much younger than he.   T434968
No Translation   T434968
He's my younger brother.   T511852
No Translation   T511852
He's Taro's younger brother.   T460850
No Translation   T460850
He's three years younger than my older brother.   T398556
No Translation   T398556
He's two years younger than I.   T958720
No Translation   T958720
I get along with my younger brother.   T530804
No Translation   T530804
I have an older brother and a younger sister.   T468001
No Translation   T468001
I have an older brother and two younger sisters.   T553821
No Translation   T553821
I have one elder brother and a younger sister.   T257144
No Translation   T257144
I have one older brother and one younger sister.   T467998
No Translation   T467998
I like her younger sister very much.   T391902
No Translation   T391902
I thought he was my younger brother.   T471076
No Translation   T471076
I'm three years younger than he is.   T398553
No Translation   T398553
I've always wanted to meet your younger brother.   T953877
No Translation   T953877
If only I were younger.   T941307
No Translation   T941307
If you change your hairstyle, you could look ten years younger.   T953945
No Translation   T953945
It in my younger brother's.   T593229
No Translation   T593229
Lucy's mother told her to look after her younger sister.   T507757
No Translation   T507757
Maybe tonight I'm going to my younger sister's house.   T703026
No Translation   T703026
My father is two years younger than my mother.   T597640
No Translation   T597640
My grandpa is out of step with the younger generation.   T659890
No Translation   T659890
My younger brother is watching TV.   T614438
No Translation   T614438
My younger sister got married in her teens.   T338272
No Translation   T338272
My younger sister has two sons, which means I have two nephews.   T470175
No Translation   T470175
No, not me. It's my younger brother.   T456507
No Translation   T456507
She dumped him for a younger man.   T887098
No Translation   T887098
She helped her younger brother finish his picture.   T388359
No Translation   T388359
She helped her younger brother with his homework.   T856805
No Translation   T856805
She is five years younger than me.   T860122
No Translation   T860122
She is two years younger than I.   T495234
No Translation   T495234
She's two years younger than he.   T887630
No Translation   T887630
She's two years younger than him.   T887623
No Translation   T887623
She's younger than him.   T887624
No Translation   T887624
That's my younger sister's photograph.   T469178
No Translation   T469178
The boy who is swimming is my younger brother.   T487872
No Translation   T487872
Then the younger brother set off, and the elder remained behind.   T43029
No Translation   T43029
This bike belongs to my younger brother.   T798268
No Translation   T798268
We can't tell her and her younger sister apart.   T391903
No Translation   T391903
We cannot distinguish her and her younger sister.   T818304
No Translation   T818304
When I hear that song, I remember my younger days.   T388361
No Translation   T388361
Who is younger, him or me?   T392185
No Translation   T392185
Would I only were younger.   T941315
No Translation   T941315
You have two younger brothers.   T457775
No Translation   T457775
Younger Cubans tend to tune into the American television network.   T63141
No Translation   T63141

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