English-Japanese Sentences

Sentences with "yes"
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Yes, I know.   T35504
Yes, I know it.   T433589
He will not say yes.   T291944
He has already said yes.   T290307
Is Ken busy? "Yes, he is."   T73917
Is she young? "Yes, she is."   T73541
Yes, I was, said the student.   T73956
Yes. You're absolutely right.   T273661
Do you like cake? "Yes, I do."   T73919
Yes, it's such a nice evening.   T402418
Yes. We should be very careful.   T65409
Are you students? "Yes, we are."   T73969
May I come in? "Yes, certainly."   T73584
Was Bill in Japan? "Yes, he was."   T73814
Yes. I understand, says Mrs. Lee.   T1360960
Do you like traveling? "Yes, I do."   T401857
Does he like music? "Yes, he does."   T73567
Did she buy a watch? "Yes, she did."   T404129
The word yes never escapes his lips.   T296258
Do you have a pen? "Yes, I have one."   T73809
Is she reading a book? "Yes, she is."   T73540
Can you play the guitar? "Yes, I can."   T73922
Does she play tennis? "Yes, she does."   T73550
May I use this pencil? "Yes, you may."   T73904
Would you like some tea? "Yes, please."   T2493192
Shall I close the window? "Yes, please."   T73616
Can I see your ticket? "Yes. Here it is."   T1190206
Did she buy a watch? "Yes, she bought one."   T73542
Is he going to swim tomorrow? "Yes, he is."   T73559
Will you study after dinner? "Yes, I will."   T73516
Is there a book on the chair? "Yes, there is."   T73953
Can I use your dictionary? "Yes, here you are."   T73984
Did he write a letter yesterday? "Yes, he did."   T73566
Let's go to the movies, shall we? "Yes, let's."   T73761
May I help you? "Yes, I'm looking for a dress."   T73755
Will you show me your ticket? "Yes, of course."   T73632
Do you like sports? "Yes, I especially like baseball."   T401856
Sometimes I say "yes," even though I want to say "no."   T1241326
Shall I have him call you when he gets back? "Yes, please."   T73732
Do you like sports? "Yes, I like baseball, among other things."   T73882
Did they get the law passed? "Yes, they finally put it through."   T73555
Give me something to write with. "Will this do?" "Yes, it will do."   T73751
Have you ever been to New York? "Yes, I've been there a couple of times."   T73826
Good morning. You're a bit late today aren't you? "Yes, I ran into a bit of trouble."   T328178
Is that Tom calling again? "Yes. He calls every evening these days. I shouldn't have given him my number."   T3054167

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