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Sentences with "yellow"
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There is a yellow rose.   T25602
黄色いバラがあります。   T188459
I'll take the yellow one.   T49452
その黄色いのをいただきましょう。   T212174
The mucus is greenish yellow.   T318202
鼻汁は黄緑色です。   T85511
He lives in that yellow house.   T294169
彼は黄色いあの家に住んでいる。   T109521
Look through the yellow pages.   T268592
職業別電話帳を調べて。   T145970
In autumn the leaves turn yellow.   T266344
秋になると葉は黄色くなる。   T148215
Her skirt is yellow with polka dots.   T309007
彼女のスカートは黄色で水玉模様がついている。   T94699
That is not a yellow piece of chalk.   T67085
あれは黄色いチョークではありません。   T229724
Who's the girl in a yellow raincoat?   T25601
黄色いレインコートを着ている女の子はだれですか。   T188458
Jane had a yellow ribbon in her hair.   T53719
ジェーンは髪に黄色いリボンをしていた。   T216414
The leaves of the tree turned yellow.   T43804
その木の葉は黄色くなった。   T206556
They painted the window frames yellow.   T307055
彼らは窓枠を黄色く塗った。   T96650
They painted their house bright yellow.   T317704
彼等は自宅を明るい黄色に塗った。   T86007
The colors shade from yellow into green.   T46150
その色は黄色から緑色へと次第に変わる。   T208890
The leaves began to turn red and yellow.   T323603
木の葉が赤や黄色になり始めた。   T80115
All the flowers in the garden are yellow.   T278490
庭の花はすべて黄色だ。   T125502
All the leaves on the tree turned yellow.   T43803
その木の葉は皆黄色になった。   T206555
The girl wore yellow ribbons in her hair.   T267232
女の子は髪に黄色いリボンをつけていた。   T147328
Why don't you try on this yellow sweater?   T60220
この黄色いセーターを着てみませんか。   T222890
His shirt was gray and the tie was yellow.   T285352
彼のシャツは灰色でネクタイは黄色だった。   T118311
The girl wore a yellow ribbon in her hair.   T46633
その女の子は髪に黄色いリボンをつけていた。   T209372
When the traffic light is yellow, we stop.   T268838
信号が黄色のとき、わたしたちは止まります。   T145724
Blend the blue paint with the yellow paint.   T271984
青い絵の具と黄色の絵の具を混ぜなさい。   T142586
His teeth are yellow from smoking too much.   T286515
彼の歯は煙草の吸いすぎで黄色くなっている。   T117151
Mother bought my brother a yellow umbrella.   T320830
母は弟に黄色い傘を買ってやった。   T82886
The valley was starred with yellow flowers.   T276088
谷には星をちりばめたように黄色い花が咲いている。   T137148
The leaves of the trees turn yellow in fall.   T323611
木の葉は秋には黄色になる。   T80105
I've never seen a yellow submarine in my life.   T253794
私はこれまで黄色い潜水艦を見たことがない。   T160726
These green leaves turn red or yellow in fall.   T55047
これらの緑の葉は秋には赤や黄色になる。   T217737
I'd like a long-sleeved shirt in yellow, medium.   T65275
エムサイズの黄色い長袖のシャツが欲しいんだけど。   T227922
The valley was aflame with red and yellow leaves.   T276092
谷は赤や黄色の葉で色づいていた。   T137144
This flower is yellow, but all the others are blue.   T60063
この花は黄色だが、ほかの花はみな青い。   T222733
That yellow sweater costs twice as much as this blue one.   T68560
あの黄色のセーターはこのブルーのセーターの2倍の値段である。   T231193
The floor was painted green, while the walls were yellow.   T268097
床は緑色に塗られていたが、一方壁は黄色だった。   T146465
I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and some are yellow.   T254917
私はたくさんの花を持っている。あるものは赤く、あるものは黄色である。   T159606
I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and others are yellow.   T256547
私は花をたくさん持っている。赤いものもあれば黄色いのもある。   T157983
There were white and yellow flowers at the side of the road.   T280449
道端には、白や黄色の花が咲いていました。   T123548
There are many apples in the box. Some are red and others are yellow.   T282639
箱の中にはりんごがたくさんあり、赤いものもあれば、黄色のものもある。   T121367
The landscape of yellow, a mass of sunflowers flourishing beyond measure.   T327375
一面の黄色は、どう繁茂したのか見当もつかないヒマワリの群れだ。   T76345
There are several flowers. One is red, another is white, and the others are yellow.   T24439
何本か花がある。一本は赤、もう一本は白で、その他は黄だ。   T187302
It is getting colder and colder morning and evening. The leaves of trees will soon turn red or yellow.   T277841
朝晩だんだん冷えてきました。やがて木の葉も赤や黄に変わることでしょう。   T126153
Alex seemed to learn nouns such as "paper," "key" and "cork," and color names such as "red," "green" and "yellow."   T67114
アレックスは「紙」「鍵」「コルク」のような名詞や、「赤」「緑」「黄色」のような色の名も覚えたように見えた。   T229753
A few of the balls are yellow.   T434140
No Translation   T434140
All of the balls are yellow.   T434178
No Translation   T434178
All the leaves on the tree have turned yellow.   T749339
No Translation   T749339
And the yellow one?   T434216
No Translation   T434216
Bananas are yellow.   T559000
No Translation   T559000
Contador won the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.   T512503
No Translation   T512503
Decorated with blue and yellow strips, the tie was very unfashionable.   T448737
No Translation   T448737
Flowers are yellow.   T801715
No Translation   T801715
Here's a yellow rose.   T453640
No Translation   T453640
His suit was gray and his tie was yellow.   T543961
No Translation   T543961
I have a yellow dream.   T794956
No Translation   T794956
I love my yellow sweater.   T682509
No Translation   T682509
In the United States, school buses are yellow.   T682511
No Translation   T682511
My mother bought my little brother a yellow umbrella.   T753784
No Translation   T753784
None of the balls are yellow.   T456517
No Translation   T456517
Seeing the woman with the yellow hat reminded me of a story.   T811365
No Translation   T811365
The big, yellow bus came hurtling down the street.   T538930
No Translation   T538930
The birch leaves have already turned yellow.   T554620
No Translation   T554620
The door of the office is yellow.   T397029
No Translation   T397029
The flower is yellow and the others are blue.   T488168
No Translation   T488168
The garden was full of beautiful yellow flowers.   T682510
No Translation   T682510
The garden was full of yellow flowers.   T964094
No Translation   T964094
The purple bicycle costs less than the yellow.   T462886
No Translation   T462886
The yellow toy is little.   T463034
No Translation   T463034
There's a yellow rose there.   T453159
No Translation   T453159
There's a yellow rose.   T430192
No Translation   T430192
They have faces painted purple and yellow.   T463198
No Translation   T463198
This flower is yellow and the others are blue.   T464053
No Translation   T464053
This ugly yellow reminds me of the color of your bedsheets.   T380122
No Translation   T380122
Tom owns a yellow sports car.   T681678
No Translation   T681678
Yellow fever and smallpox were no longer a threat.   T807698
No Translation   T807698
Yolks are yellow.   T695220
No Translation   T695220

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