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I am weak in math.   T258919
私は数学が苦手だ。   T155619
I have weak sight.   T258064
私は視力が弱い。   T156470
He is weak on names.   T304052
彼は名前を覚えるのが下手だ。   T99645
I am weak in German.   T38953
ドイツ語は苦手だ。   T201743
He is weak in English.   T293945
彼は英語が苦手だ。   T109745
She is weak by nature.   T315349
彼女は生まれつき弱い。   T88358
I am weak in geography.   T277270
地理は弱い。   T126820
Sadako gave a weak nod.   T278596
禎子は弱々しくうなずいた。   T125397
This is her weak point.   T56147
これが彼女の弱点です。   T218832
I'd like my coffee weak.   T62233
コーヒーは薄いのが好きです。   T224899
Now she lay weak in bed.   T39298
でも今では、病気で弱って寝ているのだった。   T202086
The string is very weak.   T49979
そのひもはとても弱い。   T212696
I am bit weak at figures.   T39982
ちょっと数字に弱いのです。   T202746
I am weak in mathematics.   T258922
私は数学が弱い。   T155615
Sometimes I will be weak.   T263880
時には弱音を吐くけど。   T150677
Laziness is my weak point.   T275327
怠惰が私の欠点である。   T137909
She spoke in a weak voice.   T314861
彼女は弱々しい声で話した。   T88846
I feel a little weak today.   T242720
今日はちょっとふらふらする。   T171755
Physics is my weak subject.   T319979
物理は私の苦手な学科です。   T83737
Every man has his weak side.   T269905
人には誰でも弱点はある。   T144659
His body was weak by nature.   T300450
彼は生まれつき体が弱かった。   T103243
This is a weak tea, isn't it?   T55561
これは水っぽい茶だね。   T218249
You won't find my weak point.   T321509
僕の弱点を見つけさせないぞ。   T82206
Aunt Yoko is too weak to work.   T324830
洋子の叔母さんは体が弱すぎて働けない。   T78886
Every man has his weak points.   T276611
誰もみな弱点がある。   T136352
He is a man of weak character.   T293580
彼は意志の弱い人だ。   T110108
I am weak as regards to girls.   T258611
私は女性に関しては弱い。   T155924
Mathematics is her weak point.   T271017
数学は彼女の弱点です。   T143550
The strong must help the weak.   T19219
強者は弱者を助けなければならない。   T180504
She always sides with the weak.   T315072
彼女は常に弱者に味方する。   T88635
He loved and helped weak people.   T299163
彼は弱い者を愛し、助けた。   T104527
One day he helped a weak turtle.   T67167
ある日、彼は弱いカメを助けた。   T229804
The light from the moon is weak.   T238813
月の光が弱い。   T175652
He was a weak and delicate child.   T299162
彼は弱い子供だった。   T104528
Some people think I'm weak-willed.   T250322
私のことを意志が弱いと思っている人もいますよ。   T164188
He has a deep feeling for the weak.   T299165
彼は弱者に深い思いやりがある。   T104525
He was quite weak in his childhood.   T245625
子どもの頃彼はたいへん体が弱かった。   T168865
Punish the wicked and save the weak.   T28599
弱きを助け、悪をこらす。   T191436
She's weak, powerless. A mere human.   T327773
脆弱で力の無い、ただの人間なんだ。   T75945
Her fingers were too weak to fold it.   T272509
折ろうとしても指が弱くなりすぎていた。   T142061
She was still weak after her illness.   T316709
彼女は病後でまだ弱々しかった。   T87001
Women are said to be weak at figures.   T267311
女性は計算に弱いと言う。   T147250
A person with weak eyes can't see far.   T20799
眼がわるい人は遠くが見えない。   T183676
I like weak coffee better than strong.   T282249
濃いコーヒーより、うすいコーヒーの方が好きです。   T121756
He was not conscious of his weak point.   T298767
彼は自分の弱点に気づいていなかった。   T104922
There is no man but has his weak points.   T265845
弱点のない人はいない。   T148714
The strong should take care of the weak.   T19220
強者は弱者の面倒を見るべきだ。   T180505
With a weak beat, it continues to bleed.   T25562
臆病な鼓動とともに血はにじみ続ける。   T188419
Everyone has both strong and weak points.   T276471
誰にでも長所と短所がある。   T4870
He was weak as a rat, and had no appetite.   T299164
彼は弱りきっていて、食欲がなかった。   T104526
Idleness is only the refuge of weak minds.   T275332
怠惰は弱気精神の避難場にすぎない。   T137904
But the earth's magnetic field is very weak.   T38077
ところが地球の磁場はごく弱いものです。   T200873
He was weak enough to succumb to temptation.   T293164
彼はもろくも誘惑に負けた。   T110522
My mother was very weak from a long illness.   T251850
私の母は長い病気でとても弱っていた。   T162664
Lack of food had left him weak and exhausted.   T268648
食べ物がなかったので、彼は体が弱く疲れきったままだった。   T145914
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.   T2454
心熱けれど肉体は弱し。   T145552
Everyone has their own strong and weak points.   T276472
誰にでも得手不得手がある。   T136764
I prepared a weak solution of sugar and water.   T65626
うすい砂糖水を作った。   T228272
The strong will survive and the weak will die.   T19218
強者は生き残り、弱者は死ぬものだ。   T180503
He is said to have been weak when he was young.   T299141
彼は若い時には体が弱かったと言われている。   T104549
So far from being robust, he was extremely weak.   T295305
彼は強健どころか実に虚弱だった。   T108381
"My teeth are too weak for apples," said the boy.   T73679
「私のはとっても弱ってりんごはかめません」と男の子は言いました。   T236314
While he likes English, he is weak in mathematics.   T293947
彼は英語が好きだが数学は不得意だ。   T109743
The root of a flower is as weak as a baby's finger.   T274279
草花の根は赤ん坊の指のように弱い。   T140294
The weak boy was eliminated from the bitter contest.   T45538
その体の弱い少年はその厳しい競技でふるい落とされた。   T208282
Brought up by a weak father, he is partial to sweets.   T293581
彼は意志の弱い父親に育てられたため、甘いものが大好きだ。   T110107
There was a weak earthquake toward dawn this morning.   T242266
今朝夜明け近くに地震があった。   T172209
Whereas he was weak as a baby, he is now very strong.   T272368
赤ん坊の時は弱かったのに、今では彼はとても丈夫だ。   T142202
Brought up by a weak mother, she is partial to sweets.   T312510
彼女は意志の弱い母親に育てられたので、甘いものが大好きだ。   T91204
We won hands down, because the other players were weak.   T23130
我々はボロ勝ちした。何せ相手の選手ときたら弱いのなんの。   T185998
He was always on the side of the weak against the strong.   T299722
彼は常に強者に対抗して弱者を味方にした。   T103970
Some of the children were too weak to stay on their feet.   T245721
子供たちの中にはとても衰弱していて立っていられない者がいた。   T168770
Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.   T20068
鬼に金棒。   T182947
ALS had made his hands and arms too weak to hold a pen or to type.   T72263
ALSのために、彼の手や腕はペンを握ったりタイプを打ったりすることができないほど弱くなってしまっていた。   T234886
Now she was so weak, but the crane made Sadako feel stronger inside.   T275230
体はもうすっかり弱っていたが、この鶴のおかげで禎子は心の中で強い気持ちになることができた。   T138005
She has been sick for a long time and she is still too weak to get about.   T315851
彼女は長いこと病気で、まだ起きられるほどよくなってない。   T87857
The opinions of the weak are easily assimilated into those of the strong.   T265843
弱者の意見は簡単に強者の意見に同化されてしまう。   T148715
The weak-willed are prone to go to the dogs; the strong-willed turn failure into success.   T28217
意志の弱い人は身を滅ぼしやすい。だが、意志の強い人は失敗を成功にかえる。   T191057
Japan's competitiveness is very strong in industrial products, but weak in agricultural products.   T281370
日本の競争力は工業製品では非常に強いが、農業産品では弱い。   T122632
A man of weak will is the target of criticism; even his friends would badger him into correcting his defects.   T28210
意思の弱い人は批判の的になる。だから友だちでさえも、その欠点を直せるものならとおもってかれをいじめようとするだろう。   T191050
The weak point of this book is that it's less than persuasive when the married author recommends not being married.   T329536
本書の欠点は、既婚者である著者が非婚をすすめても、説得力を欠く事である。   T74184
Although he was weak when he was a baby, now he is very strong.   T748377
No Translation   T748377
Although the economy is weak, some companies are still making a profit.   T810632
No Translation   T810632
Because he is old, he, too, has grown weak.   T441751
No Translation   T441751
Calhoun was too weak to read his speech.   T807382
No Translation   T807382
He feels weak after his illness.   T434880
No Translation   T434880
He is small and weak.   T675707
No Translation   T675707
He told a friend that he felt very tired and weak.   T803316
No Translation   T803316
He was a weak child with poor eyesight.   T803153
No Translation   T803153
He was weak from the loss of blood.   T803097
No Translation   T803097
He's a weak-willed man.   T422730
No Translation   T422730
I didn't know he had a weak heart.   T703060
No Translation   T703060
People do not trust a weak government.   T682382
No Translation   T682382
She has been ill for a long time and she is still too weak to get about.   T315851
No Translation   T315851
The old woman is too weak to get out of bed.   T682381
No Translation   T682381
The weak are food for the strong.   T413040
No Translation   T413040
They felt he was too weak.   T802179
No Translation   T802179
They said he had a weak form of smallpox.   T802613
No Translation   T802613
They said he was still weak from a recent sickness.   T802678
No Translation   T802678
They wanted to keep southern states weak.   T802451
No Translation   T802451
They were weak and broken in spirit.   T802382
No Translation   T802382
This meant they were too weak to cause more trouble.   T802699
No Translation   T802699
Tom is too weak to lift himself.   T682383
No Translation   T682383

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