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Sentences with "via"
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He went to London via Paris.   T292442
彼はパリ経由でロンドンへ行った。   T111242
I'd like to return to Tokyo via Honolulu.   T33271
ホノルル経由で東京に帰りたいのですが。   T196095
She traveled from Boston to San Francisco via Chicago.   T312173
彼女はボストンからシカゴ経由でサンフランシスコへ旅行した。   T91540
I went via Beijing of necessity because there wasn't a direct flight.   T278238
直行便がなかったので、やむを得ず北京経由で行った。   T125754
Would you please send me details of your products via e-mail as an attachment?   T20158
貴社製品の詳細について、電子メールの添付ファイルを送っていただけませんか。   T183036
Because she was overseas, she often phoned via Skype.   T841047
No Translation   T841047
She went to Europe via America.   T890398
No Translation   T890398
TWiiNS celebrated my birthday via Twitter in June 12.   T937881
No Translation   T937881
Working from home via computer can be lonely.   T681391
No Translation   T681391
You want to go via the tunnel?   T778167
No Translation   T778167

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