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The troops marched past.   T237801
軍隊は行進して過ぎ去った。   T176661
The troops landed in Greece.   T237794
軍隊はギリシャに上陸した。   T176667
He is commander of our troops.   T283458
彼が我が軍の指揮官です。   T120551
The troops had plenty of arms.   T48596
その軍隊は十分な武器を持っていた。   T211322
The troops were in battle array.   T237805
軍隊は戦闘の配置で整列していた。   T176657
The troops advanced twenty miles.   T237793
軍隊は20マイル前進した。   T176669
Our troops engaged with the enemy.   T29193
わが軍は敵と交戦した。   T192031
The troops maintained their ground.   T237796
軍隊はその地歩を保った。   T176666
部隊は陣地を守り続けた。   T84082
The President called out the troops.   T275896
大統領は軍隊を招集した。   T137340
That captain handles his troops well.   T45513
その大尉はうまく部隊を指揮している。   T208256
The enemy troops closed in on the city.   T278692
敵軍がその市を取り囲んだ。   T125302
The troops refused to obey the command.   T320126
兵士達はその命令に従うことを拒否した。   T83590
兵士達はその命令に従うことを否定した。   T83589
The troops soon put down the rebellion.   T237797
軍隊はまもなく反乱を鎮めた。   T176665
The troops easily put down the rebellion.   T48597
その軍隊は簡単に反乱を鎮圧した。   T211323
軍隊は簡単に反乱を鎮圧した。   T176663
軍隊は暴動を簡単に鎮圧した。   T176654
The enemy flung fresh troops into the battle.   T278684
敵は新兵力を投入した。   T125309
The troops were retired from the front lines.   T44181
その部隊は戦線から撤退させられた。   T206933
The authorities sent in troops to quell the riot.   T271511
政府当局は暴動を鎮圧するために軍を出動させました。   T143057
Troops were swiftly called in to put down the riot.   T321209
暴動を鎮圧するためにただちに軍隊が派遣された。   T82507
Our troops were constantly harassed by the guerrillas.   T23564
我が軍は絶えずゲリラの攻撃を受けた。   T186428
The troops fought with Grant against the Confederates.   T237795
軍隊はグラント総司令官のもとで南部軍と戦った。   T176668
The Soviet troops started to withdraw from Afghanistan.   T41255
ソ連軍はアフガニスタンからの撤退を開始した。   T204013
They moved the troops back in a sudden change of tactics.   T307024
彼らは戦術を急に変更して軍を後退させた。   T96681
Peace-keeping troops moved in to restore calm after the battle.   T273342
戦闘後、平和維持軍が平穏を取り戻すために活動しました。   T141230
Completely surrounded by our troops, the enemy finally surrendered to us.   T23430
我々の軍隊に完全に包囲されてしまって敵はとうとう降伏した。   T186294
Tanks and planes may defeat the troops but they cannot conquer the people.   T273252
戦車や飛行機は軍隊を打ち破ることはできようが、国民を征服することはできない。   T141319
A few years ago it would have been inconceivable for Japan to send troops overseas.   T271066
数年前だったら、日本が海外へ軍隊を派遣することは思いもよらないことだっただろう。   T143501
It seems the navy jets had a major screw-up in navigation and they bombed their own troops by mistake.   T22171
海軍のジェット機はとんでもない方向に飛行して、味方の軍隊を誤爆した模様だ。   T185040
American troops stayed in Nicaragua until 1933.   T805276
No Translation   T805276
British troops held that area.   T804054
No Translation   T804054
He called on state troops to end the strike.   T803239
No Translation   T803239
In December 1989, he sent troops to Panama.   T803236
No Translation   T803236
In the summer of that year, more Japanese troops moved into China.   T804266
No Translation   T804266
Lee no longer had a way to supply his troops in Petersburg.   T804294
No Translation   T804294
Lincoln said troops were needed.   T805431
No Translation   T805431
Manila fell to Japanese troops.   T804247
No Translation   T804247
More than half of the Union troops were captured.   T807653
No Translation   T807653
Napoleon guided his troops to Russia.   T452210
No Translation   T452210
The American troops held their ground.   T805261
No Translation   T805261
The arrival of the troops led to more violence.   T807598
No Translation   T807598
The British had more troops than the other side.   T804072
No Translation   T804072
The British troops fought hard, but could not stop the Germans.   T804099
No Translation   T804099
The general inspected the troops.   T681220
No Translation   T681220
The other colonies began sending troops to help.   T807635
No Translation   T807635
The troops were annihilated.   T485021
No Translation   T485021
The troops would protect trains carrying mail.   T807574
No Translation   T807574
The United Nations sent troops to intervene in the conflict.   T681225
No Translation   T681225
Troops inside the walls were well protected.   T807518
No Translation   T807518
We can only hope that the government decides to withdraw its troops.   T546967
No Translation   T546967

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