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Sentences with "tool"
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He was used as a tool.   T302063
彼は道具として使われた。   T101630
Lend me a tool set please.   T324852
用具を一式貸してください。   T78864
This tool is of great use.   T57588
この道具は実に役に立つ。   T220268
This tool is good for nothing.   T57589
この道具はなんの役にもたたない。   T220269
He handled the tool skillfully.   T291198
彼はその道具を上手に扱った。   T112479
We need a tool to open it with.   T41856
それを開ける道具が必要です。   T204616
Idle hands are the devil's tool.   T275330
怠惰は悪徳のもと。   T137906
You'll need a special tool to do it.   T41900
それをするには特別な道具が必要だろう。   T204659
This tool lends itself to many purposes.   T57587
この道具は多くの目的にかなう。   T220267
A half-dozen tools make up the tool collection.   T72405
6種の道具がひとまとまりになっている。   T235028
We'll employ a new tool to increase productivity.   T271788
生産性をあげるため新たなツールを探してます。   T142781
It is dangerous to wield an edged tool in such a way.   T49750
そのように刃物を振り回すことは危険だ。   T212467
This tool, if used carelessly, can be very dangerous.   T57591
この道具は、不注意に使われると、とても危険なことがある。   T220271
If it is used properly, this tool will be a great help.   T57590
この道具はちゃんと使えばとても役に立つ。   T220270
A pick is a long handled tool used for breaking up hard ground surfaces.   T34769
ピックは硬い地表を砕くための用いられる長い取っ手の道具だ。   T197583
Tax cuts are often used as a major fiscal tool to stimulate the economy.   T239513
減税はしばしば経済を刺激する重要な財政政策手段として使われる。   T174954
A sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.   T26113
鋭い舌は絶えず用いることによって、ますます鋭利になる片刃の道具である。   T188966
That red cloth is a "fukusa"; it is a vital tool used to cleanse the tea equipment.   T326821
あの赤い布は「袱紗」茶道具を清めるために使う必需品なの。   T76899
A favorite tool in dealing with blatant racism is blatant ableism.   T711328
No Translation   T711328
A wrench is a commonly used tool.   T682196
No Translation   T682196
He is not the sharpest tool in the shed.   T741716
No Translation   T741716
I need a tool for pulling weeds in my garden.   T682193
No Translation   T682193
Interlingua is a modern tool for international communication.   T749754
No Translation   T749754
The dictionary is an invaluable tool for learning languages.   T460261
No Translation   T460261
This development tool has a high learning cost.   T911158
No Translation   T911158
This tool belongs to the man. Please, take it to him.   T886237
No Translation   T886237
What is the most important tool ever invented?   T682194
No Translation   T682194
Your son is playing with my tool. Tell him I need it here right now.   T886265
No Translation   T886265

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