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Texas borders on Mexico.   T39573
テキサス州はメキシコと接している。   T202362
How do you like Texas so far?   T66656
いかがですか、テキサスは?   T229297
He was from Texas or thereabout.   T291822
彼はテキサスかどこかその辺の出身だった。   T111857
Texas is nearly twice as large as Japan.   T39575
テキサスは日本のほぼ2倍の広さがある。   T202365
テキサスは日本のほぼ二倍ある。   T202364
The United States annexed Texas in 1845.   T241328
合衆国はテキサスを1845年に併合した。   T173143
He was born in Ohio but brought up in Texas.   T300463
彼は生まれはオハイオだが育ったのはテキサスだ。   T103230
I want a map of Texas on a scale of 1 to 250000.   T39574
テキサス州の縮尺、25万分の1の地図がほしいのですよ。   T202363
I watched the film named "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with my girlfriend yesterday. She was very afraid.   T66505
昨日、悪魔のいけにえという映画をガルーフレンドと見ました。彼女はとても怖かった。   T229147
George W. Bush was born in the state of Texas in 1946.   T804274
No Translation   T804274
He grew up in small towns in Texas.   T803090
No Translation   T803090
He left the Mexican capital to return to Texas.   T803276
No Translation   T803276
He visited a children's home in Texas.   T803137
No Translation   T803137
He was elected governor of Texas in 1994.   T803196
No Translation   T803196
Jackson said he was not worried about Texas.   T803246
No Translation   T803246
Selena Gomez grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas.   T552225
No Translation   T552225
Slavery was legal in the new Republic of Texas.   T807597
No Translation   T807597
Someone asked about Texas.   T806923
No Translation   T806923
The blood alcohol limit for drunken driving is .08 percent in Texas.   T952860
No Translation   T952860
The governor of Texas was furious.   T807194
No Translation   T807194
The treaty made Texas independent.   T805471
No Translation   T805471
The treaty with Texas was signed April twelfth, 1844.   T805491
No Translation   T805491

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