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Sentences with "supreme"
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This is a matter of supreme importance.   T55706
これは最重要問題だ。   T218395
That matter was decided by the Supreme Court.   T47221
その事件は最高裁判所で解決された。   T209959
The Supreme Court attacks school segregation.   T243947
最高裁が人種分離教育を攻撃。   T170534
The embassy is located next to the Supreme Court.   T275707
大使館は最高裁判所に隣接している。   T137529
The Supreme Court overturned a previous decision.   T243948
最高裁は原判決をくつがえしました。   T170535
The Supreme Court is located near the Imperial Palace.   T243949
最高裁判所は皇居の近くにある。   T170533
Genius has been defined as a supreme capacity for taking trouble.   T278958
天才とは従来、先天的に絶大な努力をなし得る能力を備えた者との定義が下されてきた。   T125035
Even before Reagan and the Supreme Court stifled it, OSHA was a farce.   T329279
だが、レーガン政権と最高裁判所に潰される前でさえ、OSHAは茶番であった。   T74440
Whether happiness is the supreme value or not, it is earnestly desired by man.   T240811
幸福が最高の価値であろうとなかろうと、人間はそれを切望する。   T173659
He believed in the supreme power of the law.   T803238
No Translation   T803238
He was a member of the Supreme Court.   T803118
No Translation   T803118
The fear of some divine and supreme powers keeps men in obedience.   T411104
No Translation   T411104
The safeguard of the state shall be the supreme law.   T731998
No Translation   T731998
The Supreme Court ruled that the law was illegal.   T807671
No Translation   T807671
Tom G. Roberts is the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.   T681284
No Translation   T681284

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