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Sentences with "starting"
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It's starting now.   T33137
ほら、始まるわよ。   T195962
At a starting signal.   T266857
出発の合図で。   T147703
It's starting to cool off.   T325806
涼しくなってきましたね。   T77912
I'd advise starting at once.   T249653
私ならすぐに出発することをすすめる。   T164854
Besides, it's starting to rain.   T46240
その上雨が降り出している。   T208980
My boss is starting to get edgy.   T268318
上司はいらいらしてきました。   T146244
My illness kept me from starting.   T318439
病気のため私は出発できなかった。   T85274
Hurry up! The concert is starting.   T19668
急ぎなさい。コンサートが始まりつつありますよ。   T182507
That is the regular starting time.   T49751
そのように時間を調整してあるのですから。   T212468
Next year we'll be starting college.   T325142
来年私たちは大学生活が始まります。   T78574
We've fixed on starting next Sunday.   T22933
我々は次の日曜日に出発することに決めた。   T185801
Bad weather prevented us from starting.   T28557
悪天候なため、私たちは出発できなかった。   T191395
I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.   T61475
コツが分かってきたよ。   T224139
For three nights starting January 3rd, please.   T73184
1月3日から3泊、お願いします。   T235803
His true character is starting to show through.   T270631
人柄がにじみ出ている。   T143935
She turned up just as we were starting our meal.   T247197
私たちがちょうど食事を始めようとしたとき彼女が現れた。   T167304
He is thinking of starting another firm in Paris.   T292431
彼はパリにもう一つ店を出そうと考えている。   T111252
He cleared his throat before starting the lecture.   T296371
彼は講演を始める前に咳払いをした。   T107315
It was difficult for me to become a starting player.   T321316
僕がスタメンになるのは難しかった。   T82399
She lost no time in starting to work on new project.   T310968
彼女はすぐに新しい企画に取りかかった。   T92741
"Have you finished it?" "On the contrary, I'm just starting."   T73861
「それもう終わった」「それどころか、いまからだよ」   T236527
The weather is supposed to go downhill starting this afternoon.   T240061
午後から天気は下り坂になります。   T174408
Whatever you're doing, starting off on the right foot is essential.   T24614
何事も最初が肝心だよな。   T187477
The train was just on the point of starting when I got to the station.   T26075
駅に着いたとき、汽車はちょうど出発しようとするところでした。   T188928
This fluorescent lamp is starting to flicker. We'll have to replace it.   T238016
蛍光灯がチカチカしてるな。新しいのと交換しないとダメかな。   T176448
I should have brought my umbrella. Large raindrops are starting to fall.   T35073
パラパラと雨が降り始めたな。傘持ってくればよかったよ。   T197884
Because of global warming, it's starting to melt in some parts of Alaska.   T277152
地球温暖化のために、アラスカではそれが溶け始めている地域もある。   T126938
Brian regrets starting a relationship with her and wants to escape from her.   T34286
ブライアンは彼女と付き合い始めた事を後悔し、別れたいと思っています。   T197105
Starting off, first on the agenda is about this morning's two-in-a-bed ruckus.   T327311
まず最初の議題は今朝の同衾騒動の件について。   T76409
The fireplace, lacking firewood, flames already starting to lose their vigor.   T327735
薪が足りず、はやくも火勢が萎えはじめた暖炉。   T75983
As you're starting from scratch you might as well have gone for a major makeover...   T327367
一からやるんだから、大胆にイメチェンすればよかったのに。   T76353
It's not yet what you'd call finished but we're starting to get pretty good results.   T327312
まだ、完了と言うところまで行っていないが、そこそこ成果が出始めてきた。   T76408
There's no point starting a shop selling take-away lunches; there are already plenty.   T320465
弁当屋さんを始めたってむだだよ。ざらにあるからね。   T83251
This means that houses are starting to sink, roads are breaking up and lamp-posts are leaning at crazy angles.   T61108
このことは家が沈み始め、道路が裂けて街灯が途方もない角度に傾きつつあることを意味する。   T223772
Let's remove harmful books from circulation. Starting first with the bibles that have spread all over the world.   T400495
悪書を追放しよう。まずは世界中にはびこってる聖書からだな。   T400494
All this bickering is starting to fray my nerves.   T567830
No Translation   T567830
Are you seriously thinking about starting your own business?   T953125
No Translation   T953125
At which hour they are starting?   T434296
No Translation   T434296
Classes are starting again soon.   T2026
No Translation   T2026
I am starting this evening.   T257616
No Translation   T257616
I'm starting to bleed.   T623170
No Translation   T623170
It was starting to rain.   T674295
No Translation   T674295
It's starting to rain.   T839509
No Translation   T839509
Masha dreams of starting a revolution, but is too shy.   T563999
No Translation   T563999
Starting tomorrow, it's going to snow for a week.   T452958
No Translation   T452958
The teacher said to everyone: "Our wedding is starting now."   T397960
No Translation   T397960
Wait for the green signal before starting to cross.   T464318
No Translation   T464318
We played. We lost. How about starting it over?   T747634
No Translation   T747634
We're starting to question what we thought we knew.   T639689
No Translation   T639689
You're really starting to try my patience Jimmy!   T741563
No Translation   T741563
You're starting to get on my tits.   T838630
No Translation   T838630
You're starting to warm up now.   T16750
No Translation   T16750
Your drinking is starting to affect the performance of your duties.   T706781
No Translation   T706781

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