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He defected to the Soviet Union in the 1950's.   T288396
彼は1950年代にソビエト連邦へ逃亡した。   T115275
Cold war ended when the Soviet Union collapsed.   T326069
冷戦はソビエトの崩壊と共に終わった。   T77649
The Soviet Union took a hostile attitude toward us.   T41257
ソ連はわが国に対して強い態度をとった。   T204015
Communism is the system practiced in the Soviet Union.   T19258
共産主義はソ連で実践された体制である。   T180622
The Soviet troops started to withdraw from Afghanistan.   T41255
ソ連軍はアフガニスタンからの撤退を開始した。   T204013
The news was all about the collapse of the Soviet Union.   T35951
ニュースはソ連崩壊のものばかりだった。   T198756
U.S.S.R. stands for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.   T72161
USSRはソビエト社会主義共和国連邦を表しています。   T234784
Communism was the political system in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but that stopped in 1993.   T19259
共産主義はソビエト社会主義共和国の政治体制だったが、1993年に崩壊した。   T180621
Robert Hansen was arrested on suspicion of having sold off secret information to the former Soviet Union.   T329428
ロバート・ハンセンが、旧ソ連に秘密情報を売りさばいた容疑で逮捕された。   T74292
A year later, he visited the Soviet Union.   T803202
No Translation   T803202
Hail the Soviet Union!   T742004
No Translation   T742004
In Soviet Russia, computer uses the user!   T586584
No Translation   T586584
In Soviet Russia, food eats troll!   T478380
No Translation   T478380
In Soviet Russia, lesson teaches teacher!   T503422
No Translation   T503422
In Soviet Russia, radio listens the listener!   T586586
No Translation   T586586
In Soviet Russia, river swims you!   T540242
No Translation   T540242
In Soviet Russia, sentence writes you!   T478089
No Translation   T478089
In Soviet Russia, television watches the audience!   T586582
No Translation   T586582
Long live the Soviet Union!   T435498
No Translation   T435498
Relations between the Soviet Union and the western Allies were mixed.   T804123
No Translation   T804123
The Soviet Union and its allies refused help.   T804110
No Translation   T804110
U.S.S.R. stands for the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics".   T452793
No Translation   T452793
Watch out! There are five hungry Soviet cows in the garden!   T767146
No Translation   T767146
West Berlin would remain free of Soviet control.   T807640
No Translation   T807640

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