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Sentences with "showing"
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The movie K-9 is showing.   T72207
K9が上映中です。   T234828
The buds are just showing.   T22596
芽がでてきた。   T185464
This tire is showing wear.   T60915
このタイヤはだいぶん磨り減っている。   T223581
I was wary of showing my intention.   T258331
私は自分の目論見を漏らさないように用心した。   T156203
The second showing will start soon.   T280846
二回目の上映がまもなく始まります。   T123154
I was wary of showing my intentions.   T258253
私は自分のもくろみをもらさないように用心した。   T156281
I'll enjoy showing you around the city.   T252736
私はあなたにこの街を案内してあげるのが楽しみだ。   T161780
I was ashamed of showing my face to him.   T260365
私は彼に顔を見せるのが恥ずかしかった。   T154178
How about my showing you around the town?   T321314
僕がこの町を案内しましょうか。   T82400
He's just showing off in front of the girls.   T299460
彼は女の子の前でかっこつけてるだけさ。   T104231
I think she is showing off her new dress to us.   T314082
彼女は私たちに新しいドレスを見せびらかしていると思う。   T89633
The movie is now showing at a theater near you.   T26455
映画は近くの映画館で今上映中です。   T189307
Why haven't you been showing up to work lately?   T243732
最近、なぜ会社に顔を見せないの?   T170749
Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.   T40394
だれでも人前では多かれ少なかれ、見せびらかしたくなるものだ。   T203158
He amused the children by showing them some magic.   T299244
彼は手品をして子供達を面白がらせた。   T104447
Do you think they will invite us to the film showing?   T317703
彼等は私達をフィルムショーに招待してくれると思う?   T86008
"Superman" is showing at the movie theater this month.   T73886
「スーパーマン」は今月その映画館で上映中です。   T236552
I would be honored to give you a showing in my gallery.   T250596
私の画廊をあなたにお見せできるとは光栄です。   T163914
Men can only be corrected by showing them what they are.   T270001
人はその人の真の姿を見せてやる以外に欠点を直させる方法はない。   T144565
Every effort will be made to obtain tickets to his showing.   T285351
彼のショーのチケットをとるためにあらゆる努力をした。   T118312
I saw a lady go through the gate without showing the ticket.   T40225
チケットを見せずに門を通り抜ける女性を見た。   T202990
Showing your real feelings is not considered a virtue in Japan.   T264795
自分の本当の感情を見せることは、日本では美徳とは考えられていない。   T149763
He had graduated from the university and was always showing off.   T301258
彼は大学を卒業して、いつも見栄を張っていた。   T102436
He was the kind of kid who was always showing off to his classmates.   T66124
いつもクラスの友人のあいだで目立ちたがる子供だった。   T228766
The child next door was showing off his brand new bicycle to his friends.   T325947
隣の子供が友達に、新品の自転車を見せびらかしていた。   T77771
But showing off the presents could embarrass the guests who did not bring one.   T53530
しかし贈り物をひけらかすことは、何も持ってこなかった客を当惑させることになりかねない。   T216227
Seen close-up, things have a way of showing their defects, their innate ugliness.   T20835
間近から見ると、ものごとはその欠点や本来備わる醜さを露わにする傾向がある。   T183711
Helen Moody was noted as a tennis player for not showing any expression on the court.   T33854
ヘレン・ムーディーはテニスの選手として、職業上感情を表さない人として有名だった。   T196675
Are you saying that our plan was accepted? I hope you're not showing me any premature happiness here.   T18068
君、本当に企画通ったこと確認しただろうね。糠喜びだけはごめんだよ。   T179212
I explained the situation, as this, that and such and such, but they just nodded along without showing much interest.   T326922
かくかくしかじかで、と事情を説明したのだが、あんまり興味なさそう相槌しか返ってこなかった。   T76798
"Superman" is showing at the movie theatre this month.   T73886
No Translation   T73886
Eighty percent of life is showing up.   T667902
No Translation   T667902
My data-burning software is showing an error message.   T523910
No Translation   T523910
Sometimes I can't help showing emotions.   T1349
No Translation   T1349
Thanks for showing me how to do that.   T954313
No Translation   T954313
Thanks for showing me the way.   T954314
No Translation   T954314
The teenager is showing off his new car.   T681559
No Translation   T681559
There will be another showing of this movie in two hours.   T519118
No Translation   T519118
Which films are showing now?   T750953
No Translation   T750953

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