English-Japanese Sentences

Sentences with "seem"
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They seem happy.   T306523
彼らは幸せそうです。   T97180
I seem to be lost.   T280382
道にまよったようだ。   T123615
You seem a kind man.   T69182
あなたは親切な人のようですね。   T231815
I seem to have a fever.   T38381
どうも熱がありそうだ。   T201174
You seem an honest man.   T15955
君は正直者のようだ。   T177107
You seem to like fruit.   T23942
果物がお好きのようですね。   T186805
They seem to go together.   T307187
彼らは釣り合いがとれているようだ。   T96518
She didn't seem interested.   T313074
彼女は関心がなさそうな様子だった。   T90638
The grapes seem to be sour.   T49952
そのブドウは酸っぱそうだ。   T212669
I seem to have a temperature.   T38380
どうも熱があるらしい。   T201173
I seem to have caught a cold.   T38331
どうやら風邪を引いたらしい。   T201125
I seem to have lost my purse.   T257695
私は財布をなくしたらしい。   T156842
Prices seem to be going down.   T24424
価格はどんどん下がっていくようだ。   T187287
You seem to be an honest man.   T15956
君は正直もののようだ。   T177108
Animals seem to move at random.   T280241
動物はでたらめに動くように見える。   T123754
I seem to have the wrong number.   T279373
電話番号を間違えたようだ。   T124621
His paintings seem strange to me.   T285779
彼の絵は私には奇妙に思える。   T117885
His wife doesn't seem ugly to me.   T286365
彼の妻は私には醜いとは思えない。   T117299
I seem to have caught a bad cold.   T38339
どうやらひどい風邪にかかったようだ。   T201133
He doesn't seem to be an American.   T67487
アメリカ人ではないようです。   T230122
He does not seem to be very tired.   T288826
彼はあまり疲れているようではありません。   T114845
I just can't seem to make contact.   T240298
交信が出来ません。   T174172
Those plans seem much alike to me.   T41999
それらの計画は私にとってはほとんど同じだ。   T204758
You didn't seem to want that book.   T70234
あなたはあの本が欲しくないようだった。   T232864
You seem to have the wrong number.   T282834
番号をお間違いのようですが・。   T121172
These gadgets seem to be of no use.   T55168
これらの小道具は役に立ちそうにない。   T217858
We seem to have escaped from danger.   T236719
危機をどうやら脱したようだ。   T183587
You seem to have gained some weight.   T267763
少し体重が増えたようですね。   T146798
He doesn't seem to want to get ahead.   T299393
彼は出世したいなんて思っていないようだ。   T104298
People are not always what they seem.   T270502
人々は必ずしも表面に表われた通りではない。   T144064
Their ideas seem totally alien to us.   T305204
彼らの考えは私たちには全く異質のものであるように感じられる。   T98497
The students seem to be sleepy today.   T271823
生徒たちは今日は眠たいようである。   T142747
Few people seem to have read the book.   T43860
その本を読んだ人はほとんどいないようだ。   T206613
He can't seem to understand that poem.   T291947
彼はどうしてもその詩を理解することができないようだ。   T111731
He doesn't seem to know his real self.   T303831
彼は本当の自分をしらないようだ。   T99866
Some of them seem to be too difficult.   T277458
中にはむずかしそうなのもあるし。   T126590
They seem to be conscious of the fact.   T305786
彼らはその事実に気づいているようだ。   T97917
He doesn't seem to get on in the world.   T291978
彼はどうもうだつが上がらないね。   T111705
Picasso's paintings seem strange to me.   T34828
ピカソの絵は、私には奇妙に見える。   T197643
ピカソの絵は、私には奇妙に思える。   T197642
These bus ladies seem to like to do so.   T72102
ああいう皿洗いはそうするのがいいらしい。   T234724
They don't seem to approve of the plan.   T304938
彼らがそのプランに賛成するとは思えない。   T98762
Men are not always what they seem to be.   T270064
人は見掛けによらぬもの。   T144501
Scientists seem to have known the truth.   T23970
科学者達は真実を知っているようだ。   T186833
They seem to be in love with each other.   T67883
あの二人はどうもできているらしい。   T230516
You seem to have had that car for years.   T68279
あの車はもう何年も持っているようだね。   T230911
The air conditioner doesn't seem to work.   T63052
クーラーがきかないようだが。   T225714
They seem to make nothing of the problem.   T305862
彼らはその問題を軽く見ているようだ。   T97842
You don't seem to be yourself these days.   T59234
この頃あなたらしくない。   T221908
I seem to have run out of steam this term.   T241993
今学期は本当に息切れした感じだわ。   T172482
Some politicians seem to be lost to shame.   T271383
政治家のなかには恥を恥とも感じない人もいるようだ。   T143185
There seem to be several reasons for that.   T42017
それらにはいくつかの理由があるようだ。   T204776
They seem to have had a good time in Rome.   T306122
彼らはローマで楽しい時を過ごしたようだ。   T97580
You seem to be a little under the weather.   T239434
元気ないね。   T175033
You seem to be thinking of something else.   T16276
君は何かほかのことを考えているみたいだね。   T177426
You seem to know me, but I don't know you.   T932991
私をご存知のようですが私はあなたを知りません。   T152167
He doesn't seem to be heading for the town.   T294766
彼は街に向かっているのではないようだ。   T108925
I seem to have misplaced my key last night.   T257822
私は昨晩キーを置き忘れたらしい。   T156711
Relations between us seem to be on the ebb.   T23437
我々の関係は徐々に冷えていくようだ。   T186301
Those proposals seem very much alike to me.   T41978
それらの提案は非常に似ているように思える。   T204736
You seem to have thought of something else.   T69617
あなたは何かほかのことを考えたようですね。   T232255
あなたは何かほかのことを考えてたようですね。   T232254
あなたは何か他のことを考えていたようです。   T232248
He doesn't seem to be aware of the problems.   T291313
彼はその問題に気づいていないようだ。   T112364
He does not seem pleased with his condition.   T298670
彼は自分の境遇をよろこんではいないようです。   T105019
I can't seem to get him to fix this machine.   T284661
彼にはこの機械を修理してもらえそうにない。   T119002
Ike doesn't seem to be up to the mark today.   T72070
アイクは今日は調子がよくないようだ。   T234692
It would seem that the weather is improving.   T278878
天気はどうやら回復しそうだ。   T125115
The boy and the girl seem to know each other.   T267951
少年と少女は知り合いらしい。   T146611
This intense heat doesn't seem to bother you.   T54738
こんなに暑いのに君は平気みたいだね。   T217429
The holidays seem to be doing her health good.   T19802
休暇は彼女の健康に効果があるようだ。   T182669
When he lost his watch he didn't seem to care.   T264081
時計を無くしても彼はきにしていない様子だった。   T150476
My brain doesn't seem to be working well today.   T242944
今日は頭がさえません。   T171531
Our interests seem to conflict with each other.   T23329
我々の利害は相反するようだ。   T186195
They seem to be worrying about nuclear weapons.   T306311
彼らは核兵器のことを気にかけているようだ。   T97391
There seem to be several reasons for his failure.   T286547
彼の失敗には、2、3の理由があるように思われる。   T117119
I seem to have caught cold. I'm a little feverish.   T319771
風邪を引いたらしい。少し熱がある。   T83945
You seem to have lost sight of original objective.   T69400
あなたは最初の目標を見失っているようです。   T232032
You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother.   T69298
あなたは私を兄と間違えておられたようですね。   T231930
You don't seem to understand their good intentions.   T397065
君にはあの人たちの善意が分からないようだ。   T178689
I seem to have left my umbrella behind in the train.   T38334
どうやら電車の中で傘を置き忘れてきたらしい。   T201128
I can not seem to explain to you how difficult it is.   T43195
それがどれほどむずかしいか君に説明のできそうにない。   T205950
Pick a job that you enjoy and working will seem easy.   T30238
やっと楽しい職業を選べば、仕事も苦になりません。   T193073
I'm very sorry, but I seem to have lost your umbrella.   T322197
本当に申し訳ないのですが、私はあなたの傘をなくしたらしいのです。   T81518
E-eh? I somehow seem to feel a very threatening aura...   T326787
あ、あれ?なんか・・・すっごい負のオーラを感じますよ?   T76933
I seem unable to get out of this trouble in short time.   T252159
私は、すぐにはこの面倒から抜け出せないようです。   T162355
Reputation is what you seem; character is what you are.   T318363
評判とは外見であり、人格とは人の本質である。   T85350
Strange as it may seem, nobody was injured in the fire.   T318635
不思議に思われるかもしれないが、その火事で誰も怪我をしなかった。   T85078
I just can't seem to outdo him. I've got a lot to learn.   T284701
彼にはどうしても勝てない。まだまだ甘いな。   T118962
There seem to be dangerous developments in the military.   T237811
軍部に不穏な動きが見られる。   T176651
You seem to be depressed this morning. What's the matter?   T242225
今朝は浮かぬ顔をしているね。何かあったのかい。   T172250
I'm really sorry, but I seem to have misplaced your scarf.   T322183
本当に悪いんだけど、君の襟巻き、どっかに置いてきてしまったらしいんだよ。   T81532
She doesn't seem to know what to do with her leisure time.   T312880
彼女は暇を持て余しているらしい。   T90832
He tried to seem calm but his trembling hands betrayed him.   T263654
事業に成功するにはもっと活動的にならなければならない。   T150902
There seem to be few people who can solve that math problem.   T45973
その数学の問題を解ける人は少ないようにおもえる。   T208714
She doesn't seem to be able to catch on to what he is saying.   T316207
彼女は彼が何を言っているのか理解できないようだ。   T87501
The problem is not as simple as it might seem at first sight.   T43691
その問題は一見単純そうに見えますが、それほど単純ではない。   T206443
He does not seem to be able to catch on to what she is saying.   T302591
彼は彼女が何を言っているか理解できないようだ。   T101106
If in this self-portrait I seem to be staring at you, I'm not.   T58886
この自画像の私があなたを見つめているように思えても、そうではありません。   T221562
New office buildings seem to be sprouting up all over the city.   T269062
新しいオフィス・ビルが町中に急に増えてきたようだ。   T145501
You seem to have made considerable progress since I saw you last.   T58086
この前あなたにお会いして以来、かなり進歩されたようですね。   T220764
Everyone tries to strive for efficiency but few seem to attain it.   T276555
誰もが能率を上げるよう努力するが、ほとんどの人がそうできないようだ。   T136681
Human beings seem to find it difficult to give up their old habits.   T270290
人間は自分の古い習慣をやめるのを困難と思うらしい。   T144275
They seem determined to press forward with their program of reform.   T306285
彼らは改革案を断固として推し進めるつもりのようだ。   T97417
Though the Browns have seven children, they seem to make ends meet.   T34252
ブラウン家には7人の子供がいるがどうにかやりくりしているようだ。   T197072
Young men and women don't seem to know what they are seeking after.   T265817
若者は自分が追い求めているものがわかっていないようだ。   T148742
Cassette tapes seem to have given way to compact disks in popularity.   T63736
カセットテープは人気の点でCDにとって代わられたようだ。   T226392
If you travel by Shinkansen, it doesn't seem far from Nagoya to Tokyo.   T269266
新幹線なら名古屋から東京もそんなに遠く感じない。   T145297
It may seem trivial to you, but for me it's worth paying attention to.   T71125
あなたには些細な事に思えるかも知れませんが、私にとってそれは注意すべきことなのです。   T233752
Future prospects for ASEAN seem unstable, no matter how you look at it.   T279838
東南アジア諸国連合の将来はどう見ても不安定なようだ。   T124156
In contrast to her, her husband didn't seem to be enjoying the shopping.   T318719
夫は妻とは対照的に、買い物を楽しんでいないようだった。   T84994
It is the things that we do not possess which seem to us most desirable.   T237003
われわれにとって一番望ましく思われるのは、自分が持っていないものである。   T191735
Sometimes the most inspired ideas seem to just come from out of the blue.   T51838
ずば抜けた着想というのは、往々にして天啓のごとくヒラメクようだ。   T214546
You seem to be prejudiced against ideas that come from foreign countries.   T16237
君は外来思想に偏見を抱いているようだ。   T177387
Can you please tell me why there seem to be two churches in every village?   T37483
どの村にも二つの教会があるようですが、どうしてか説明して下さい。   T200281
I'm still feeling a little homesick and so many things seem strange to me.   T32659
まだちょっとホームシック気味だし、それに、慣れないことばっかりで。   T195485
I can't seem to find your last e-mail, I wonder if you can resend it to me.   T71516
あなたからの最新のメールが見つかりません。再送していただけるでしょうか。   T234143
There doesn't seem any difference of meaning between the two constructions.   T72920
2つの構文には意味の違いは何も無いようだ。   T235541
Maths. Homework's about derivatives, but I really can't seem to cope with it.   T327748
数学。行列式のところが宿題になってるんだけど・・・どうも僕だとついていけなくて・・・。   T75970
In fact, this does not seem to be true at all, except in a very trivial sense.   T265227
実際には、極めて些細な意味における場合を除いて、このことはまったく事実ではないように思われる。   T149331
A person who makes an easy matter sound difficult does not seem to be so smart.   T263760
事象として簡単なことを、いかにも難しそうに表現する人はあまり頭がよさそうではない。   T150797
They went along and along, but they couldn't seem to find just the right place.   T305461
彼らはあちこちに行きましたがちょうどいいところをみつけられませんでした。   T98242
These bank employees seem so politely insolent lately. I wonder what's behind it.   T243785
最近の銀行員の態度はなんと慇懃無礼なことか。何様だと思ってるんだ。   T170696
There does not seem to be any difference of meaning between the two constructions.   T72919
2つの構文の間に意味の相違はないように思われる。   T235540
He has been told by the doctor to give up smoking, but he cannot seem to give it up.   T293633
彼は医者に煙草を止めるように言われているが、止められそうもない。   T110055
That picture doesn't seem ugly to me; on the contrary, I think it's rather beautiful.   T48998
その絵は醜いとは思わない。それどころか、むしろ美しいと思う。   T211721
They seem a little past their peak, but even so we enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms.   T328018
満開をチョイ過ぎた感はありましたが、それでも、美しい桜を満喫してきました。   T75700
From an adult's one-sided point of view, children's attitudes often seem to be disobedient.   T275759
大人の一方的な観点からは、子供たちの態度はしばしば生意気に見える。   T137477
Writers such as novelists and poets don't seem to benefit much from the advance of science.   T267628
小説家や詩人といった物書きは、科学の進歩の恩恵をあまりうけていないように思われる。   T146933
I don't think they've fully adapted to the working world yet. They still seem like students.   T71971
あいつら仕事にまるで身が入ってないようだけど、まだまだ学生気分が抜けてないんだろうな。   T234594
Your impetuous remarks about us seem to have rung down the curtain on our good relationship.   T247387
私たちのことについての、あなたの激しい口調は私たちの親しい関係に終止符を打ってしまったようにみえる。   T167115
Many of my friends seem to do nothing but amuse themselves by playing games with games machines.   T252005
私の友人には、ゲーム機でゲームをやって遊ぶ以外に何もしない人が多いような気が。   T162509
You don't seem to understand how difficult it is for young people today to believe in something.   T25204
何かを信じる事が現代の若者にとってどれほど難しいか、おわかりにならないようですね。   T188065
When we are in trouble we can take heart from the fact that things often seem worse than they are.   T243471
困った時には、物事はしばしば実際より悪く見えるという事実で気を取り直すことがある。   T171009
Maybe it's his age but his opinions seem a little more grounded in experience than everyone else's.   T282158
年の功というのか、彼の意見はさすがに一日の長いがあるね。   T121846
"You're right, certainly you don't seem to have been into it today." "Eh! You can tell that sort of thing?"   T326692
「そうね、たしかに今日の春樹ちゃんは乗ってなかった感じ」「げ。そういうのって分かるのか?」   T77027
It may seem like a hassle but I think you ought to go back to the basics and start over. Haste makes waste they say.   T323523
面倒なようでも、基本に立ち返って検討し直したらどうだろう。急がば回れ、というじゃない。   T80194
The first 'that time of the month' I seem to remember worrying that I was sick, without telling anybody, for two days.   T327693
初めてのアレの日は、確かに病気かと二日間ほど誰にも言わず思い悩んだ記憶があります。   T76025
Japanese students seem not merely to be extremely reserved, but to have at times almost a complete reluctance to speak.   T281782
日本人学生は極度に内気であるのみならず、時としてほとんど全く話したがらないように見える。   T122222
Women who at first glance appear to be completely ordinary also don't seem to be in that much of a rush to get married.   T27823
一見ごく普通の女性たちも、それほど結婚を急いでいる様子はない。   T190661
All-nighters are never as productive as they seem.   T396836
No Translation   T396836
At the time, the incident did not seem important.   T807642
No Translation   T807642
Exchanges with you seem to go on endlessly.   T448255
No Translation   T448255
Haiti is a nation that seem hopelessly impoverished.   T710980
No Translation   T710980
He did not seem sure of his answers.   T803100
No Translation   T803100
He doesn't seem to be a very intelligent boy.   T430444
No Translation   T430444
I give up. No matter what I do, you never seem to be satisfied.   T953457
No Translation   T953457
I love the fact that you always seem to care so much.   T953527
No Translation   T953527
I've tried Controls, but they seem a little tighter to me than Durexes.   T877732
No Translation   T877732
If you bring us some books, the time will seem shorter to us.   T407923
No Translation   T407923
It doesn't seem strange, but for some reason it feels strange...   T602846
No Translation   T602846
It may seem like an awful lot of money, but it'll be money well spent.   T954045
No Translation   T954045
It would seem that you know something that I don't.   T725438
No Translation   T725438
May I use your eraser? I seem to have lost mine.   T954166
No Translation   T954166
She doesn't seem to be an American.   T534188
No Translation   T534188
Some days seem to just drag on and last forever.   T954273
No Translation   T954273
Sometimes it may seem like we're not making any progress.   T954307
No Translation   T954307
The witness did not seem nervous when he spoke at the trial.   T682238
No Translation   T682238
There doesn't seem to be anyone living around here.   T954375
No Translation   T954375
They don't seem to be Americans.   T534191
No Translation   T534191
Those plans seem nearly identical to me.   T886786
No Translation   T886786
You seem distant.   T395746
No Translation   T395746
You seem to be insensible of their good intentions.   T17542
No Translation   T17542
You seem to have mistaken me for my elder brother.   T69298
No Translation   T69298
You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother.   T467966
No Translation   T467966

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