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Sentences with "section"
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Where is the sanitary section?   T26115
衛生用品売り場はどこですか。   T188967
Who's in charge of this section?   T57384
この部の責任者は誰か。   T220065
He was promoted to section chief.   T294511
彼は課長に昇進した。   T109179
He works in the planning section.   T295002
彼は企画課で働いている。   T108686
I was appointed to section chief.   T256552
私は課長に任命された。   T157978
Mr. Williams carries that section.   T65691
ウイリアムズ氏がその課を取り仕切っている。   T228335
The section chief keeps him down.   T294512
彼は課長に頭を抑えつけられている。   T109178
Do you have a non-smoking section?   T18813
禁煙席はありますか。   T179954
He belongs to the planning section.   T295003
彼は企画部門に属している。   T108687
This is a business section of Tokyo.   T61620
ここは東京のビジネス街だ。   T224285
Who's in charge of the sales section?   T276294
誰が営業部を担当しているのですか。   T136942
His shop is in a busy section of town.   T287209
彼の店は町の賑やかな区域にある。   T116460
The bus fare here is 90 yen a section.   T60677
このバスは一区間90円です。   T223344
The section chief accepted the proposal.   T278583
部長が提案を受け入れました。   T125409
I had a Caesarian section six months ago.   T282750
半年前に帝王切開しました。   T121256
I asked for a seat in the smoking section.   T19918
喫煙席を頼んだのですが。   T182799
喫煙席を頼んでおいたのですが。   T182797
The section chief made me work like a slave.   T23659
課長は私を奴隷のように働かせた。   T186523
Could we have a table in the smoking section?   T19923
喫煙席がいいのですが。   T182802
I asked for a seat in the no-smoking section.   T18810
禁煙席を頼んでおいたのですが。   T179951
I asked for a seat in the non-smoking section.   T18811
禁煙席を頼んだのですが。   T179952
私は禁煙席を頼んだのですが。   T157578
I would like to sit in the non-smoking section.   T18812
禁煙席をお願いします。   T179953
She is attached to the general affairs section.   T314971
彼女は庶務課に所属している。   T88736
Mr. Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.   T245110
山田さんは人事課長です。   T169376
Could we have a table in the non-smoking section?   T18814
禁煙席がいいのですが。   T179955
There are seven men and four women in my section.   T250594
私の課は男性7人と女性4人です。   T163916
Could I have three seats in the unreserved section?   T264879
自由席を三枚ください。   T149679
The section chief was really livid. What did you do?   T319637
部長カンカンになって怒ってたぞ。お前何をしたんだよ。   T84078
You don't have proper dignity as chief of the section.   T16242
君は課長としての貫禄がないね。   T177393
Dad said he'd be promoted to section manager next year.   T319390
父は来年課長に昇格するだろうと言った。   T84325
The top favorites of each section were gathered together.   T21738
各部門の優勝候補が集まった。   T184610
We'll also have to separate the smoking section won't we?   T326872
ウチも分煙しなきゃいけないよねぇ。   T76848
We sat in the nose-bleed-section and could barely see the game.   T321378
僕たちは一番高いところに座っていたのでほとんどゲームを見れなかったんだ。   T82337
You will find that book in the historical section of the library.   T43912
その本は図書館の歴史部門で見つかるよ。   T206664
There's no hope at this moment that the closed section will be reopened.   T318657
不通区間の開通の見込みはまだない。   T85056
Our section chief always makes a face at me when I ask him for something.   T65580
うちの課長は私が何かを頼むといつも渋い顔をするんだ。   T228226
He makes it a rule to go over the financial section every time he reads the paper.   T299948
彼は新聞を読む時はいつも金融関係の記事に目を通すことにしている。   T103746
Included for the grammar section it includes the passive voice of the present perfect.   T328623
文法事項としては、現在完了の受動態が含まれています。   T75096
The section chief said out of the blue: "Women and meat, I like them a little rotten".   T402607
「女も肉も腐りがけが美味い」と課長はいきなり言いだした。   T402606
The new section chief seems to spend most of his time finding fault with the work of his men.   T269251
新しく来た課長は部下の仕事のあら捜しばかりしているようだ。   T145312
We'll have to organize the drinking party all over again as the section chief can't make it now.   T319639
部長の都合が悪くなってしまったので、飲み会の日程は仕切り直しだね。   T84077
In the U.S., you have the option, when you enter a restaurant, to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section.   T67640
アメリカでは、レストランに入った時喫煙席か禁煙席かを選ぶことができる。   T230274
In the first section of this review I raise the question of how brain processes cause our conscious experiences.   T56467
この論評の最初のセクションでは、脳のプロセスがどのように我々の意識経験を引き起こすかという問題を提起する。   T219151
According to informed sources, ____ Ltd. is preparing for the move up to the first section of the Tokyo Stock exchange.   T329237
消息筋によると、○○社は東証一部への上場を準備している。   T74483
Mr Williams carries that section.   T65691
No Translation   T65691
Mr Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.   T245110
No Translation   T245110
Please show me the way to the business section.   T456623
No Translation   T456623
Read the advertisement section if you're looking for a job.   T456653
No Translation   T456653
The lost and found section.   T462772
No Translation   T462772
The section chief accepted the offer.   T958823
No Translation   T958823
The section chief altered the plan.   T238026
No Translation   T238026
The section chief seems to like abusing his authority.   T268593
No Translation   T268593
We'd like a table in the non-smoking section.   T453163
No Translation   T453163
Where is your underwear section?   T687668
No Translation   T687668
Where's the children's section?   T687680
No Translation   T687680
Where's the men's section?   T687684
No Translation   T687684
Where's the women's section?   T687688
No Translation   T687688
Where's your shoe's section?   T687694
No Translation   T687694

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