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France was at war with Russia.   T34178
フランスはロシアと戦争をしていた。   T196998
Napoleon marched his armies into Russia.   T36270
ナポレオンは軍隊をロシアに進めた。   T199072
Russia had emerged as a second superpower.   T29369
ロシアはもう1つの超大国として台頭していた。   T192206
Russia is facing great financial difficulties.   T29368
ロシアは大変な財政困難に直面している。   T192205
Our company is planning to build a new chemical plant in Russia.   T29166
わが社は新しい化学工場をロシアに建設することを計画している。   T192004
私たちの会社は新しい化学工場をロシアに建設する計画をしている。   T167053
Russia : Expresses regret for those lost in the hostage incident.   T327355
ロシア:人質事件の犠牲となった方々に哀悼の意を表す。   T76365
Germany wanted Russia to stay out of the war.   T804228
No Translation   T804228
I am from Russia.   T436345
No Translation   T436345
In Soviet Russia, computer uses the user!   T586584
No Translation   T586584
In Soviet Russia, food eats troll!   T478380
No Translation   T478380
In Soviet Russia, lesson teaches teacher!   T503422
No Translation   T503422
In Soviet Russia, radio listens the listener!   T586586
No Translation   T586586
In Soviet Russia, river swims you!   T540242
No Translation   T540242
In Soviet Russia, sentence writes you!   T478089
No Translation   T478089
In Soviet Russia, television watches the audience!   T586582
No Translation   T586582
Japan had defeated Russia in a war in 1905.   T804223
No Translation   T804223
Lake Baikal in Russia, is the deepest lake in the world.   T681322
No Translation   T681322
Napoleon guided his troops to Russia.   T452210
No Translation   T452210
One of Serbia's allies was Russia.   T804105
No Translation   T804105
Russia imported wheat from the United States.   T681192
No Translation   T681192
Russia rejected both demands.   T807026
No Translation   T807026
Russia signed its own peace treaty with Germany.   T805483
No Translation   T805483
This country is called Russia.   T463284
No Translation   T463284
This young lady is from Russia.   T464230
No Translation   T464230
Vladivostok is a city in Russia.   T895854
No Translation   T895854

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