English-Japanese Sentences

Sentences with "received"
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I received my bonus.   T33715
ボーナスをもらった。   T196536
I received a welcome.   T256717
私は歓迎をうけた。   T157814
I received your letter.   T64424
あなたの手紙を受け取りました。   T233209
お手紙を受け取りました。   T227075
He received me cordially.   T297655
彼は私に心をこめて迎えてくれた。   T106031
I received an invitation.   T258705
私は招待状を受け取った。   T155832
He received much applause.   T302434
彼は拍手かっさいを受けた。   T101262
I received a warm welcome.   T258776
私は心からの歓迎を受けた。   T155761
We received a large parcel.   T23258
我々はおおきな包みを受け取った。   T186124
We received a warm welcome.   T248462
私たちは温かい歓迎を受けた。   T166042
He received a lot of praise.   T301108
彼は多くの称賛を得た。   T102586
He received rough treatment.   T304597
彼は乱暴な扱いを受けた。   T99100
I received a good job offer.   T256706
私は割のいい仕事の申し入れを受けた。   T157825
Have you received my baggage?   T250593
私の荷物は届いていますか。   T163917
He received a good education.   T304669
彼は立派な教育を受けた。   T99030
I received a letter from her.   T261024
私は彼女から手紙を受け取った。   T153519
彼女から手紙をもらった。   T95543
They each received a present.   T306002
彼らはひとりひとりプレゼントをもらった。   T97702
We received word of her death.   T309332
彼女の死の知らせを受け取った。   T94374
We received word of his death.   T22766
我々は彼が死んだという知らせを受けた。   T185634
I received a telegram from her.   T252347
私は、彼女から電報を受け取った。   T162168
I received my birthday present.   T259392
私は誕生プレゼントを受け取りました。   T155147
She received a doctor's degree.   T316158
彼女は博士号を取得した。   T87550
We received an eviction notice.   T328753
立ち退きの予告を受けた。   T74966
I received her letter yesterday.   T257802
私は昨日彼女の手紙を受け取った。   T156732
I received your letter yesterday.   T17073
君の手紙を昨日受け取りました。   T178221
昨日、あなたからの手紙を受け取りました。   T170159
私はあなたの手紙を昨日受け取りました。   T161668
The movie received mixed reviews.   T49564
その映画には賛否両論が出た。   T212283
Each boy has received his diploma.   T276917
男子生徒はめいめい卒業証書を受け取った。   T127172
I received your letter of July 10.   T72382
7月10日付のお手紙いただきました。   T235004
She has received a good education.   T317407
彼女は立派な教育を受けた。   T86304
Steve received a letter from Jane.   T51938
スティーヴはジェーンから手紙をもらった。   T214644
I received a letter from my friend.   T324335
友人から手紙をもらった。   T79382
I received his letter unexpectedly.   T280655
突然、彼の手紙を受け取った。   T123343
The family received me very warmly.   T49309
その家族は私を暖かく迎えてくれた。   T212030
The girls present received a shock.   T46214
その場にいた少女たちは衝撃を受けた。   T208955
I received her letter the other day.   T273123
先日彼女から手紙がきた。   T141447
I have received no reply from you yet.   T252678
私はあなたからまだ返事をもらっていません。   T161838
The boxer received a blow to the body.   T49909
そのボクサーはボディーに一撃食らった。   T212626
Tom received a heavy blow on the head.   T37050
トムは頭にきつい一発を受けた。   T199848
We ordered pink, but we received blue.   T34441
ピンクを注文したのに、ブルーを受け取りました。   T197259
I received a letter three months later.   T252548
私は3か月後に1通の手紙を受けとった。   T161967
I received a letter written in English.   T256198
私は英語で書かれた手紙をうけとった。   T158332
Scott received a very strict education.   T51997
スコットは、非常に厳しい教育を受けた。   T214703
The film received favourable criticism.   T49551
その映画はとても好意的な批判を受けた。   T212271
その映画はとても好意的な批評を受けた。   T212270
He received a good education in England.   T289315
彼はイングランドで立派な教育をうけた。   T114357
He received a pair of shoes for nothing.   T291640
彼はただで靴をもらった。   T112039
I received an item that I did not order.   T277660
注文していない品物を受け取りました。   T126331
I received his personal visit yesterday.   T253384
私はきのう彼じきじきの訪問を受けた。   T161135
She received the electricity bill today.   T315935
彼女は電気料金の請求書を今日受け取った。   T87772
We received a cordial welcome from them.   T304962
彼らから心からの歓迎を受けた。   T98738
彼らは心からの歓迎を受けた。   T96810
I received a letter in English yesterday.   T257707
私は昨日、英語の手紙を受け取った。   T156827
I received a letter written one week ago.   T252216
私は、一週間前に書かれた手紙を、受け取った。   T162298
I received the hospitality of the family.   T254251
私はその家族の親切なもてなしを受けた。   T160270
Each student received his diploma in turn.   T21374
学生は各々順番に卒業証書を受け取った。   T184245
We have received many orders from the U.S.   T67649
アメリカからたくさん注文がきている。   T230283
The performance was received with applause.   T48017
その公演は万雷の拍手を受けた。   T210747
Up to last week, I hadn't received a reply.   T272748
先週までに私は返事を受け取っていなかった。   T141822
I had received the letter three days before.   T254471
私はその手紙を3日前に受け取っていた。   T160051
I received great benefit from your teaching.   T71476
あなたが教えてくれたことからおおいに得るところがあった。   T234103
I received your Model 345 in good condition.   T72735
345型は良い状態で受け取りました。   T235356
He received a good many letters this morning.   T296567
彼は今朝かなりたくさんの手紙を受け取った。   T107119
He received a large sum in insurance benefit.   T303603
彼は保険金として大金を受け取った。   T100095
He received a ticket in return for the money.   T289451
彼はお金と引換に切符を受け取った。   T114221
I received a letter from my mother yesterday.   T244673
昨日母から手紙を受けとった。   T169813
I received a letter which was written by her.   T261050
私は彼女が書いた手紙を受け取った。   T153496
I received a sweater from her on my birthday.   T259393
私は誕生日に彼女からセーターをもらった。   T155146
Regrettably, we have not received your reply.   T245240
残念ながら、私どもは貴社からのお返事を受け取っていません。   T169246
We received an acknowledgement of our letter.   T61503
こちらの手紙を受け取ったという通知が来た。   T224168
I have just received your letter of the ninth.   T72274
9日付のお手紙をただいま受け取りました。   T234897
The coffee mill that I received does not work.   T266183
受け取ったコーヒーミルが動きません。   T148376
The police are acting on information received.   T238326
警察は入手した情報にもとづいて動いている。   T176139
We have not received a letter from him so far.   T241888
今までのところ我々は彼から手紙を受け取っていない。   T172587
We received an immediate answer to our letter.   T23219
われわれは直接手紙の返事を受け取った。   T191607
我々はすぐに手紙の返事を受け取った。   T186086
General Franks received an honorary knighthood.   T327262
フランクス陸軍大将がナイト爵位の名誉称号を授かりました。   T76458
He has received a commission as a naval officer.   T294688
彼は海軍士官の任務を受けた。   T109002
I received a letter informing me of his arrival.   T260729
私は彼の到着を知らせる手紙を受け取った。   T153814
I received your letter the day before yesterday.   T27765
一昨日あなたの手紙を受け取りました。   T190605
She received a large advance for her next novel.   T314550
彼女は次の作品のために多額の前払金を受けた。   T89156
He received an honorable discharge from the army.   T295664
彼は軍を名誉除隊した。   T108022
I received a letter written in English yesterday.   T257706
私は昨日、英語で書かれた手紙を受け取った。   T156828
It seemed that she had already received the money.   T313114
彼女は既にお金を受け取っていた様子だった。   T90598
I had never received such an abusive letter before.   T254778
私はそれまでにこれほど罵倒にみちた手紙を受け取ったことはなかった。   T159744
Not having received a reply, he wrote to her again.   T320366
返事がなかったので、彼はもう一度彼女に手紙を書いた。   T83350
Wages and salary are pay received at regular times.   T278272
賃金や給料は定期的に受け取る給与のことです。   T125720
I'm glad your book was received kindly by the press.   T54362
ご著者がマスコミの受けがいいとかで何よりです。   T217055
He wasted that which he had received from his father.   T303284
彼は父から受けついだものを浪費した。   T100414
I received a Christmas card from my brother in Italy.   T253081
私はイタリアにいる兄からクリスマスカードを受け取った。   T161436
Isamu Kobayashi received the patronage of Rohan Koda.   T638336
小林勇は幸田 露伴の愛顧を受けた。   T638334
I took it for granted that she had received my letter.   T259685
私は当然彼女が私の手紙を受け取ったものと思った。   T154854
He received a telegram saying that his mother had died.   T303626
彼は母親が死亡したという電報を受け取った。   T100071
I asked him to answer soon after he received my letter.   T251121
私の手紙を受け取った後すぐ返事をくれるよう、彼に頼んだ。   T163391
I received a telegram saying that my uncle had arrived.   T253222
私はおじが到着したという電報をうけとった。   T161296
I received an invitation from him, but didn't accept it.   T283342
彼から招待状をもらったがそれに応じなかった。   T120666
Japan has been received into the family of free nations.   T281548
日本は自由国家群に受け入れられた。   T122455
She may have been surprised when she received my letter.   T314351
彼女は私の手紙を受け取って、びっくりしたかもしれない。   T89360
This is the most wonderful present I have ever received.   T55676
これは私が今までに受け取ったプレゼントの中で最もすばらしいものです。   T218365
We received instructions on how to make a bamboo basket.   T249068
私たちは竹かごの作り方を教わった。   T165437
Julie received a Christmas card from her brother in Italy.   T52997
ジュリーはイタリアにいる兄からクリスマスカードを受け取った。   T215695
He hurried to his parents as soon as he received the letter.   T290985
彼はその手紙を受け取るとすぐに、両親の元へ急いだ。   T112691
He received a tremendous punch on the jaw from his opponent.   T300847
彼は相手からあごに強烈なパンチを受けた。   T102847
She came from a wealthy family and received a good education.   T317304
彼女は裕福な家に生まれ、よい教育を受けた。   T86405
When his wife died he received dozens of letters of sympathy.   T25703
奥さんが死んだ時彼は何十通もの同情の手紙を受け取った。   T188558
In 1995, Andou received architecture's most prestigious award.   T73260
1995年、安藤氏は建築におけるもっとも権威ある賞を受賞した。   T235879
It was not until Kay received the doll that she stopped crying.   T62668
ケイは人形をもらってやっと泣くのをやめた。   T225331
The architect boasted that he had received a prestigious award.   T48327
その建築家は権威ある賞を受賞したことを自慢した。   T211053
Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name.   T53653
しかし、この方を受け入れた人々、すなわち、その名を信じた人々には、   T216349
He received a large sum of money in compensation for his injury.   T294664
彼は怪我の賠償として多額の金を受け取った。   T109026
Mary received an award for her composition called "secret love".   T73538
「秘めた恋」という題の作文で、メアリーは賞をもらった。   T236162
By gift of the late Mr. Smith the hospital received 3,000 dollars.   T321105
亡くなったスミスさんによって病院に3000ドル寄附された。   T82611
He was born so poor that he received hardly any school education.   T303179
彼は貧しい家に生まれたので、学校教育もほとんど受けなかった。   T100519
She received the letter to the effect that he would soon be back.   T316200
彼女は彼がすぐに帰るという趣旨の手紙を受け取った。   T87508
The office telegraphed that they had not received my application.   T263804
事務局は私の願書を受け取っていないと電報で知らせてきた。   T150753
The message I received said, Please contact us at your convenience.   T246812
私が受け取ったメッセージには「ご都合の良いときにご連絡ください」とあった。   T167688
Today, we received your invitation to the exhibition with pleasure.   T278988
展示会へのご招待、本日ありがたく承りました。   T125005
At the winter festival, Beth received an award for dancing the best.   T279627
冬のお祭りで、ベスは踊りが一番すばらしかったので賞をもらいました。   T124367
The ingenious man received the prestigious award for the first time.   T282699
発明の才に富むその男性がその権威ある賞を初めて受賞した。   T121307
And the tokens he received as wages could only be spent at that shop.   T50821
そして、賃金として得た代用貨幣はその店でしか使えませんでした。   T213535
We've received a lot of applications in answer to our advertisements.   T28885
われわれの広告に対してたくさんの申し込みがあった。   T191722
We have just received an inquiry from Kansas concerning your brother.   T54479
ご兄弟のことはカンザス州から問い合わせを受けたばかりです。   T217172
At last I have time to reply to mail that I have received these 3 weeks.   T30042
ようやく、この三週間に受信したメールの返信を書く時間ができました。   T192876
I have not received the goods scheduled for arrival here on February 15.   T72891
2月15日に受け取るはずだった商品をまだ受け取っていません。   T235513
Shizuko cheated in an examination and received an appropriate punishment.   T263430
静子は試験でカンニングして、応分な罰を受けました。   T151126
The losers received a "prize" too: They were beaten up by the winning team!   T282435
敗者たちも「賞」を受けたのです。つまり、勝ったチームにたたきのめされたのでした。   T121570
Do not sign a delivery receipt unless it accurately lists the goods received.   T282479
配達のレシートに受け取った品物の正確なリストがない限り、サインをしてはいけません。   T121526
I received a letter from him to the effect that he could not accept my offer.   T251258
私の申し出に応じられないという趣旨の手紙を彼から受け取った。   T163254
I had been in Tokyo only three days when I received news of my father's death.   T279752
東京に来て3日間しかたたないのに父が死んだという便りをもらった。   T124242
From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.   T28921
わたし達は皆、この方の満ち満ちた豊かさの中から、恵みの上に更に恵みを受けたのである。   T191759
Our new product has received a lot of attention from all who have heard about it.   T249601
私どもの新製品は、耳にされた全ての方々から、たいへん注目されています。   T164906
I received a letter from her to the effect that she couldn't accept my marriage proposal.   T308161
彼女から結婚できませんという旨の手紙が届いた。   T95544
I have just received a letter from a friend saying that she is coming to see me next week.   T325044
来週私に会いに来ると書いてある友人からの手紙を、ちょうど受け取ったところだ。   T78672
Nothing is left so vividly in our mind as the impressions we received in our younger days.   T265700
若いころに受けた印象ほど鮮やかに心に残るものはない。   T148858
I wonder if you received my e-mail on January 10, since I have not heard anything from you yet.   T71521
あなたからご連絡がないので、1月10日付であなた宛に出した電子メールは着いたのだろうかと思っています。   T234148
As I checked your delivery that I received, I found it included a T-shirt which I did not order.   T282477
配達されてきたものを確認したところ、注文していないTシャツも入ってました。   T121529
With reference to the invoice No.56789 which was due last month, we have not yet received your remittance.   T64452
お支払日が先月末の請求書56789について、まだお支払いを受けておりません。   T227103
Which means that our perception of any situation depends only partly on sensory signals being received at that time.   T55890
これはつまり、私たちがどんな状況を知覚する場合でも、私たちの知覚は、その時に五感が知覚する信号だけに依存しているわけではないということである。   T218576
As soon as I received the cheque, I went to the bank.   T434264
No Translation   T434264
British officers received their orders in April, 1775.   T804081
No Translation   T804081
By gift of the late Mr Smith the hospital received 3,000 dollars.   T321105
No Translation   T321105
Eleven students received the award.   T370972
No Translation   T370972
He died soon after he received the documents.   T803251
No Translation   T803251
He received a better education than his father.   T803278
No Translation   T803278
He received a sizable advance for his book.   T562057
No Translation   T562057
He received an orphan.   T890468
No Translation   T890468
He received more than six million votes.   T803168
No Translation   T803168
How do you think this change will be received?   T873799
No Translation   T873799
How many gifts do you think she received last holiday season?   T681424
No Translation   T681424
I haven't received any notice that she is coming.   T388755
No Translation   T388755
I just received a message that the meeting has been canceled.   T681460
No Translation   T681460
I just received a very gracious call from Senator McCain.   T330403
No Translation   T330403
I never received the money.   T436907
No Translation   T436907
It doesn't matter if you have received schooling or not.   T784841
No Translation   T784841
Jackson received no answer to his letter.   T807412
No Translation   T807412
Jefferson received 162 electoral votes.   T804330
No Translation   T804330
Mary has received several prizes for her poetry.   T681793
No Translation   T681793
Mary received beautiful flowers from her son.   T681860
No Translation   T681860
Mary received many gifts for her birthday.   T681075
No Translation   T681075
Monroe received 65 votes.   T804299
No Translation   T804299
My brother just received tenure at the university where he teaches.   T729865
No Translation   T729865
No man received enough votes to win the nomination.   T804342
No Translation   T804342
No one received enough votes to win the nomination.   T804344
No Translation   T804344
Other members received less severe verdicts by the court.   T778208
No Translation   T778208
Ross Perot received about eight million votes.   T804337
No Translation   T804337
She received the maximum sentence of ten years.   T946050
No Translation   T946050
She showed me the present that she had received from her boyfriend.   T881644
No Translation   T881644
Since 1990, eleven female students received the award.   T370974
No Translation   T370974
Soon after he arrived, he received surprising news.   T803326
No Translation   T803326
That's the most beautiful gift I've ever received.   T505968
No Translation   T505968
The patient received two doses of medicine.   T681704
No Translation   T681704
The soldier received official permission to leave.   T681628
No Translation   T681628
The soprano received thunderous applause for her performance.   T516094
No Translation   T516094
The student received a perfect score on the exam.   T681707
No Translation   T681707
Tom received an urgent message to call his wife.   T682284
No Translation   T682284
Victims of the hurricane received financial aid from the government.   T682320
No Translation   T682320
We received a large package.   T673769
No Translation   T673769
We received their wedding announcement.   T732599
No Translation   T732599
Yesterday I received a letter from an old friend.   T939343
No Translation   T939343
Your message has been received.   T523377
No Translation   T523377

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