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Sentences with "permission"
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Did you get permission to park here?   T61683
ここの駐車許可をとりましたか。   T224348
I will give you permission to do it.   T41916
それをしてもよろしい。   T204675
Should I have asked your permission?   T70754
あなたの許可をいただくべきだったでしょうか。   T233384
I'll get permission from my superior.   T268311
上司に許可を取ってきます。   T146251
He entered my room without permission.   T301429
彼は断りなく私の部屋に入ってきた。   T102265
No one is to leave without permission.   T276619
誰も許可なしで出てはいけない。   T136297
Thank you for granting your permission.   T19382
許可を与えていただきありがとうございます。   T182157
He was granted permission to leave early.   T300823
彼は早く帰る許可が与えられた。   T102871
I was accorded permission to use the car.   T46954
その自動車の使用許可が私に与えられた。   T209692
He used her bike without asking permission.   T303999
彼は無断で彼女の自転車を借りた。   T99698
He was granted permission to go home early.   T300822
彼は早く帰ってもいい許可を得た。   T102872
He will grant permission for you to go out.   T288116
彼は、君の外出許可を与えるでしょう。   T115554
Permission to use the car was accorded her.   T446312
その車の使用許可が彼女に与えられた。   T209592
She gave me permission to use her dictionary.   T314215
彼女は私に辞書を使ってもよいと言った。   T89498
Please refrain from smoking without permission.   T19387
許可なく喫煙することをご遠慮下さい。   T182162
She was accorded permission to use the library.   T315265
彼女は図書館の利用許可を与えられた。   T88442
You mustn't enter this room without permission.   T19384
許可なしにこの部屋に入ってはいけない。   T182159
You ought to ask for your teacher's permission.   T15948
君は先生の許可を受けるべきだ。   T177100
Please refrain from speaking without permission.   T19383
許可なしにしゃべらないで下さい。   T182160
無断でしゃべるのはやめてください。   T80902
You should not have done it without my permission.   T250656
私の許可なくして、君はそんなことすべきではなかったのだが。   T163854
The teacher granted me permission to go home early.   T273032
先生は早退の許可をくれた。   T141538
Controlled Access Zone: No entry without permission.   T328742
管理区域 ― 許可なくして立ち入りを禁ず。   T74977
You must not park your car there without permission.   T322814
無断でそこに駐車してはいけません。   T80901
The children were accorded permission to use the library.   T245710
子供たちに図書館の利用が許可された。   T168782
In an army no man is permitted to leave without permission.   T237790
軍隊では無断退出する事は許されない。   T176672
You cannot take a picture in the theater without permission.   T19386
許可なく劇場内で写真を撮ることはできません。   T182161
You shouldn't read people's private letters without permission.   T19385
許可なしで他人の私的な手紙を読むべきではない。   T182158
It is illegal to copy from books without the author's permission.   T277701
著者の許可なしに本をコピーすることは違法です。   T126291
To tell the truth, I drove my father's car without his permission.   T265163
実を言うと、私は父の車を彼の許可なしに運転したのです。   T149395
You need your parents' permission if you are going to apply for that.   T31005
もしそれに申し込むなら親の許可がいる。   T193837
In the Diet, often a politician or two leave without permission when a question becomes too personal.   T241382
国会の会期中、質問があまりにも個人的になると、無断退出する議員が一人、二人よくいるものだ。   T173090
A man who asks his wife's permission before taking any action except breathing is a henpecked husband.   T239893
呼吸をする以外、なにをするにも、事前に妻の許可を必要とする人は女房の尻にしかれている夫だ。   T174576
You have our permission to include our software on condition that you send us a copy of the final product.   T21094
完成した本のコピーを1部送っていただくという条件で、私どものソフトウエアを収録することを許可します。   T183968
You need permission to put up that sort of poster, and, most of all, you're ruining the looks of the street!   T328431
このようなポスターを貼るには許可が必要ですし、だいいち街の美観を損ないます!   T75288
When foreign citizens land in Japan, they must apply for landing permission at the air or seaports where they arrive.   T327445
外国人が日本に上陸する時は、到着した空港等で上陸許可の申請を行わなければなりません。   T76275
Don't enter the room without permission.   T525744
No Translation   T525744
Hackers break into computers without permission.   T516085
No Translation   T516085
He asked for my permission to use the phone.   T853060
No Translation   T853060
He asked for my permission to use the telephone.   T853065
No Translation   T853065
He wanted my permission to use the phone.   T853056
No Translation   T853056
He wanted my permission to use the telephone.   T853063
No Translation   T853063
I don't have the authority to give you permission.   T924161
No Translation   T924161
I have given him permission to do what he wants to do.   T403610
No Translation   T403610
I'll have to get my parent's permission to go to the dance with you.   T541761
No Translation   T541761
I've been given permission to inspect this equipment.   T566100
No Translation   T566100
It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission.   T560972
No Translation   T560972
Permission to use the car was accorded to her.   T46854
No Translation   T46854
She asked for my permission to use the telephone.   T853064
No Translation   T853064
She asked my for my permission to use the phone.   T853059
No Translation   T853059
She wanted my permission to use the phone.   T853055
No Translation   T853055
She wanted my permission to use the telephone.   T853062
No Translation   T853062
The soldier received official permission to leave.   T681628
No Translation   T681628
They asked for permission to arm their ships.   T802614
No Translation   T802614
They don't let anyone enter without special permission.   T463176
No Translation   T463176
You are not to leave this room without my permission.   T954724
No Translation   T954724
You have to ask for permission from your teacher.   T641938
No Translation   T641938
You should ask for permission first.   T520936
No Translation   T520936
You shouldn't read other people's private letters without permission.   T530552
No Translation   T530552

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