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Sentences with "occur"
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It may occur at any moment.   T42440
それは今にも起こるかもしれない。   T205200
Bright ideas never occur to me.   T36516
なかなか妙案が浮かばない。   T199315
Earthquakes can occur at any hour.   T277218
地震は時を選ばず発生する。   T126872
Accidents of this kind often occur.   T58604
この種の事故はしばしば起こるものだ。   T221281
An emergency may occur at any time.   T18793
緊急事態はどんなときでも起こるかもしれない。   T179933
Earthquakes may occur at any moment.   T277182
地震がいつ何時起こるかもしれない。   T126908
Didn't it occur to you to shut the windows?   T274201
窓をしめるという考えは君には浮かばなかったのか。   T140373
Convulsions can occur when they run a fever.   T329138
熱が出るとひきつけを起こすことがあります。   T74581
Nobody knows when the earthquake will occur.   T65985
いつ地震が起こるかは誰にもわからない。   T228627
This kind of thing doesn't occur very often.   T62352
こうしたことはそれほどたびたび起こるものではない。   T225017
In fact, the opposite is more likely to occur.   T265242
実際のところ、その反対が起こりそうだ。   T149316
There is no telling when an earthquake will occur.   T65984
いつ地震が起こるかわからない。   T228626
Traffic accidents are likely to occur on rainy days.   T240346
交通事故は雨の日に起こりやすい。   T174124
Didn't it ever occur to them that they would be punished?   T282723
罰せられると言うことが彼らには思い浮かばなかったのか。   T121283
A budget deficit will occur because of a revenue shortfall.   T272432
赤字が発生するのは歳入不足の結果です。   T142138
That's the fact that avalanches occur after mountain fires.   T327119
それは山火事の後に「土石流」が発生するということです。   T76601
They are apprehensive that some further disaster might occur.   T305632
彼らはこれ以上の災害を心配している。   T98070
These structures would rarely, if ever, occur in spoken English.   T59305
この構文は口語英語ではまずめったに生じないだろう。   T221979
We often hear it said that an earthquake may occur at any moment.   T277215
地震はいつ何時起こるかしれないと私たちはよく耳にする。   T126875
I will do my best to ensure that such mistakes do not occur in future.   T60426
このような間違いが二度と起こらないよう努力します。   T223095
According to some scholars, a major earthquake could occur at any moment now.   T21463
学者によれば、大きな地震はもういつでも起きておかしくないそうだ。   T184335
Precognition is the act of using spiritual-power to know things that will occur in the future.   T329192
予知能力とは霊力を使って、未来に起こることがらについて知ること。   T74527
"Pet loss" refers to the reactions of shock and anger that occur in owners who have been bereaved of their pets.   T329398
ペットロスとは、ペットを失った飼い主に起きるショックや怒りなどの反応をいう。   T74322
It's the prevention of migraines during daily life that's important, not dealing with migraines when they occur.   T329478
偏頭痛がおこったときに対処するだけではなく、普段の生活のなかで、偏頭痛をなるべく防いでいくのも大事なことです。   T74242
Did it not occur to you to close the windows?   T383880
No Translation   T383880
Did the error occur right from the start or later on? - When?   T749449
No Translation   T749449
Hurricanes usually occur in June.   T939718
No Translation   T939718
Lightning can occur during a storm.   T682083
No Translation   T682083
Most airplane accidents allegedly occur at landing or takeoff stages.   T751542
No Translation   T751542
Most car accidents occur due to the inattention of the driver.   T471863
No Translation   T471863
Overlap can occur.   T874751
No Translation   T874751
They say most airplane accidents occur at landing or takeoff stages.   T567061
No Translation   T567061
When did the error occur?   T749406
No Translation   T749406
When did this occur?   T440015
No Translation   T440015
Where do you think any problems might occur?   T873806
No Translation   T873806

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