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Sentences with "occasionally"
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He occasionally visited me.   T298392
彼は時々、私を訪ねてきてくれた。   T105297
They visited me occasionally.   T306762
彼らは時々私を訪ねて来た。   T96942
The speaker occasionally referred to his notes.   T241160
講演者は時折メモを参照した。   T173310
Let's occasionally change where we go to eat out.   T66118
いつもと変えてたまに外で食事しよう。   T228760
Teachers should occasionally let their students blow off some steam.   T19062
教師はときどき生徒たちのストレスを発散させてやらなければならない。   T180201
There is a severe shortage of water in this city, so we must give up having a bath occasionally.   T57688
この都市は深刻な水不足なので、われわれは入浴を時折控えなければならない。   T220367
The sun is currently in a period of low activity but even so large sunspots occasionally appear.   T328880
今の太陽の活動は低調ですが、それでも時々大きな黒点が現れます。   T74839
He occasionally reads detective novels.   T482308
No Translation   T482308
Her husband occasionally pauses mid-sentence, and then simply leaves.   T718029
No Translation   T718029

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