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Sentences with "legal"
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The legal age for marriage.   T238691
結婚してよい年齢。   T175774
"The accused" is a legal term.   T73537
「被告人」という言葉は法律用語である。   T236161
Your conduct is perfectly legal.   T17153
君の行動は全く合法的だ。   T178301
She decided to take legal advice.   T320439
弁護士に相談することにした。   T83277
I went to the lawyer for legal help.   T321064
法律上の援助を求めてその弁護士のところへ行った。   T82652
Children can't smoke; it's not legal.   T245629
子どもは喫煙してはならない。それは法律上許されない。   T168861
It is better for you to act by legal means.   T69437
あなたは合法的手段で行動する方がよい。   T232069
Much legal language is obscure to a layman.   T321068
法律用語の大半は素人にはわかりにくい。   T82648
In legal terms, children are called "issue."   T321067
法律用語では、子供は「issue」と呼ばれる。   T82649
We have a legal obligation to pay our taxes.   T263106
私達は税金を払う義務がある。   T151450
The lawyer recommended his client to take legal action.   T320446
弁護士は依頼人に法的手段を取るように勧めた。   T83270
Legal changes threaten online sales in digital commerce.   T321053
法律の変更で、電子商取引におけるオンライン販売が脅かされている。   T82663
In legal documents difficult words and phrases are often used.   T321066
法律文書では難しい言葉や語句がよく使用される。   T82650
There are few legal constraints on the sale of firearms in the U.S.   T241319
合衆国には小火器の販売に関する法律上の制約はほとんどない。   T173152
Legal services will be provided by lawyers and other experts to be appointed by the government.   T321065
法律的な実務は政府が任命する弁護士、そのほかの専門家が行うことになっている。   T82651
A legal kiss will never equal a stolen one.   T909112
No Translation   T909112
A marriage is not legal unless certain declarations are made.   T897693
No Translation   T897693
Common-law relationships are not legal unions in France.   T873751
No Translation   T873751
Do you know the legal definition of 'larceny'?   T715655
No Translation   T715655
Do you think it should be legal for citizens to possess a gun?   T681762
No Translation   T681762
I believe I have no legal right to do so.   T807410
No Translation   T807410
In many places it isn't legal to walk a dog on the beach.   T681337
No Translation   T681337
It's legal for citizens to carry guns in many states.   T681336
No Translation   T681336
Slavery was legal in the new Republic of Texas.   T807597
No Translation   T807597
Slavery was legal there.   T806861
No Translation   T806861
The legal system in America is the world's finest.   T681338
No Translation   T681338
The U.S. would be nothing without its immigrants, legal and illegal.   T744530
No Translation   T744530
There is an urgent need for good legal advice.   T903709
No Translation   T903709
Was the Missouri Compromise legal?   T807204
No Translation   T807204

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