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Sentences with "joined"
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I joined the study tour.   T254392
私はその視察旅行に加わった。   T160129
He joined the English club.   T294063
彼は英語部に入った。   T109627
We joined in on the chorus.   T248424
私たちは一緒に歌った。   T166080
We joined the country club.   T63425
カントリークラブに入った。   T226086
He joined the baseball club.   T304274
彼は野球部にはいった。   T99424
He joined the opposing team.   T300848
彼は相手チームに入った。   T102846
I joined him at the station.   T256262
私は駅で彼と落ち合った。   T158268
He joined the club last year.   T296922
彼は昨年そのクラブに加わった。   T106764
They all joined in the chorus.   T306057
彼らはみな一緒にコーラスを歌いました。   T97647
I hoped to have joined the party.   T254185
私はそのパーティーに加わりたかったのだが。   T160336
I joined the golf club three years ago.   T252568
私は3年前にそのゴルフクラブに入会した。   T161947
They joined in the temperance movement.   T306385
彼らは禁酒運動に参加した。   T97317
We're joined by the red string of fate!   T327387
運命の赤い糸でつながってるんだよ。   T76333
Bill joined our company three years ago.   T34511
ビルは三年前にこの会社に入った。   T197326
My brother has joined the baseball club.   T278574
弟は野球部に入った。   T125419
Sam joined the army when he was eighteen.   T54034
サムは18才で入隊した。   T216728
Two young men fresh from college have joined us.   T275610
大学を出たての若者が2人加わった。   T137626
She has been promoted twice since she joined this company.   T310823
彼女はこの会社に入ってから2度昇進した。   T92886
He joined the company right after he got through high school.   T296404
彼は高校卒業直後に入社した。   T107282
I will have joined the ski tour five times when I join it again.   T242284
今度そのスキーツアーに参加したら、5回参加したことになります。   T172191
All the officers and men joined their efforts against the attack.   T51749
すべての将兵が力を合わせて反撃した。   T214457
Our project didn't get off the ground until he joined the company.   T28889
われわれの計画は彼がくるまで軌道に乗らなかった。   T191726
New hires who just joined the company do everything in this timid manner.   T22415
会社に入ってきたばかりの新人は何をするにもオズオズしている。   T185283
Last summer, I finally left the firm that I had joined twelve years before.   T58080
この前の夏に、私は12年前に入った会社をついに辞めた。   T220758
Like it or not we're in this together. All we can do is work closely as though we were joined at the hip.   T65837
いやでもおうでも、これからは君と二人三脚で仕事をするしかないのかね。   T228479
Everyone in the church joined hands.   T681249
No Translation   T681249
France and Britain joined the invasion.   T807352
No Translation   T807352
He joined the Army during the war.   T804204
No Translation   T804204
He joined the United States Navy.   T803054
No Translation   T803054
He resigned and joined the army.   T803107
No Translation   T803107
Italy, Romania, Portugal, and Greece joined the Allies.   T804116
No Translation   T804116
My girlfriend's daughters have joined Facebook.   T413935
No Translation   T413935
She joined me in a wink of an eye.   T631181
No Translation   T631181
Some Americans joined the Communist Party.   T805269
No Translation   T805269
Tom joined his school's drama club.   T681250
No Translation   T681250
Tom joined the Marine Corps.   T681251
No Translation   T681251
Tom joined the navy after finishing college.   T681552
No Translation   T681552

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