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He is an Italian.   T289015
彼はイタリア人だ。   T114656
He likes Italian food.   T287970
彼は、イタリア料理が好きだ。   T115700
He is Italian by birth.   T286961
彼の生まれはイタリア人である。   T116708
彼は生まれはイタリア人です。   T103232
I heard the song sung in Italian.   T254252
イタリア語で歌われる歌を聞いた。   T160269
I know a good Italian restaurant.   T33597
ボクいいイタリア料理の店しってるんだ。   T196418
I find Italian food very desirable.   T66425
イタリア料理がとても口にあう。   T229067
Julia's native language is Italian.   T53001
ジュリアの母国語はイタリア語だ。   T215699
She went to Italy to learn Italian.   T310368
彼女はイタリア語を学ぶためにイタリアへ行った。   T93340
Where did you pick up your Italian?   T66428
イタリア語をどこで覚えたのですか。   T229070
I want Italian dressing on my salad.   T54004
サラダのドレッシングはイタリアンがいいです。   T216698
One is Japanese and the other is Italian.   T73108
1人は日本人で、もう1人はイタリア人です。   T235728
He is proficient in both Spanish and Italian.   T292603
彼はフランス語、スペイン語ともに堪能だ。   T111083
Married to an Italian, she lives in Rome now.   T66427
イタリア人と結婚して、彼女は今ローマに住んでいます。   T229069
That Italian author is little known in Japan.   T68736
あのイタリアの作家は日本ではほとんど知られていない。   T231369
Could you put this report into Italian for me?   T57164
この報告書をイタリア語に訳してくれませんか。   T219844
I can't even read Italian, let alone write it.   T321588
僕はイタリア語を書くのはおろか読めもしない。   T82127
She is proficient in both Spanish and Italian.   T312104
彼女はフランス語、スペイン語共に堪能だ。   T91609
Have you ever heard this opera sung in Italian?   T70105
あなたはこのオペラがイタリア語で歌われるのを聞いたことがありますか。   T232735
Sometimes an Italian street musician came to town.   T264102
時々イタリア人の大道音楽家が町にやって来ました。   T150455
Now I am very interested in the Italian Renaissance.   T239573
現在は、イタリアルネッサンスに興味を持っています。   T174894
The old Italian oil painting was never exhibited in public.   T50680
そのイタリアの古い油絵は一度も公開されなかった。   T213394
Such languages as French, Italian and Spanish come from Latin.   T34152
フランス語やイタリア語やスペイン語のような言葉はラテン語からできています。   T196972
This handmade Italian-made titanium bicycle is terribly light.   T58677
この手作りのイタリア製チタン自転車は、恐ろしく軽い。   T221353
Giotto is credited with sowing the seeds of the Italian Renaissance.   T66429
イタリアンルネッサンスを開花させるきっかけを作ったのはジョットの功績だ。   T229071
Some Italian fashion designers are saying that white bathing suits will catch on this year.   T66435
イタリアのファッション・デザイナーは、今年は白の水着が流行るだろうと言っている。   T229077
As more time passed, these Creoles became separate languages: Spanish, French, Italian, etc.   T53976
さらに時間がたつとこれらの「クリオール」は独立した言語になった:すなわち、スペイン語、フランス語、イタリア語、などである。   T216670
All of her books are written in Italian.   T707108
No Translation   T707108
Can you also count in Italian?   T714271
No Translation   T714271
Can you count in Italian?   T714317
No Translation   T714317
Chinese and Italian are the most beautiful languages in the world.   T627032
No Translation   T627032
Do you speak Italian?   T1590
No Translation   T1590
Does the average Italian really exist?   T836796
No Translation   T836796
He is a teacher of the Italian language.   T801712
No Translation   T801712
His wife is our Italian teacher.   T600666
No Translation   T600666
His wife teaches me Italian.   T890359
No Translation   T890359
How do you cook an Italian omelette?   T794936
No Translation   T794936
How do you say that in Italian?   T1649
No Translation   T1649
I am Italian.   T716947
No Translation   T716947
I come from Italy and I speak Italian.   T738178
No Translation   T738178
I have studied Italian for a few months.   T842962
No Translation   T842962
I love Italian food.   T953525
No Translation   T953525
I never miss the opportunity to eat Italian food.   T953556
No Translation   T953556
I studied Italian in Florence, not in Perugia.   T627184
No Translation   T627184
I want to eat an Italian omelette.   T794938
No Translation   T794938
I'm Italian.   T716946
No Translation   T716946
In Germany, the Italian mafia is an underestimated problem.   T755890
No Translation   T755890
In Italian everything is written the way you pronounce it.   T674125
No Translation   T674125
Isidro is an Italian individual.   T875774
No Translation   T875774
Isn't he Italian?   T715734
No Translation   T715734
Italian is my mother tongue.   T556121
No Translation   T556121
Italian men never help in the house.   T719234
No Translation   T719234
Italian politicians make me mad.   T739178
No Translation   T739178
Italian television is useless.   T822544
No Translation   T822544
Make an Italian verb with the letters.   T465457
No Translation   T465457
Rome is an Italian town.   T819043
No Translation   T819043
Selena Gomez is of Mexican and Italian ancestry.   T552226
No Translation   T552226
The Italian food was delicious.   T441895
No Translation   T441895
This sentence is not in Italian.   T726606
No Translation   T726606
Too many people have serious issues with Italian language.   T646569
No Translation   T646569
Too many people have serious problems with Italian language.   T646571
No Translation   T646571
What do most young Italian girls spend their time doing?   T909583
No Translation   T909583
Where has he learned Italian?   T641830
No Translation   T641830
Where has she learned Italian?   T641831
No Translation   T641831

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