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Sentences with "governments"
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Our governments belong to us, not us to them.   T271407
政府が我々のものであって、我々が政府のものではない。   T143161
Few governments can manage the economy successfully.   T237999
経済をうまく運営できる政府は少ない。   T176465
Tyrannical governments frequently gaol their political opponents.   T328608
圧政的な政府はしばしば政敵を投獄する。   T75111
Human rights groups are putting pressure on authoritarian governments.   T270343
人権擁護団体は独裁的な政府に圧力をかけています。   T144222
The agreement was a product of compromise between the two governments.   T47933
その合意は両国政府の妥協の産物だった。   T210663
Today's land problems are the product of years of neglect by successive governments.   T242622
今日の土地問題は歴代の政府の無策によるものである。   T171853
Governments usually resort to price control when inflation has reached a certain level.   T271489
政府は通常インフレがある水準に達した場合は、物価の抑制の措置に訴える。   T143079
I don't think it's always right for local governments to submit to the central government.   T277255
地方自治体が中央政府に服従することは必ずしも正しいとは思わない。   T126835
Governments cannot be expected to solve this problem.   T731138
No Translation   T731138
Governments should not be in the business of legislating morality.   T732578
No Translation   T732578
They were members of the local governments.   T802478
No Translation   T802478

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