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Sentences with "gender"
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She wrote on gender bias in science.   T312874
彼女は科学における性的偏見について書いた。   T90838
Equestrian is the only mixed-gender Olympic event.   T329064
馬術競技は男女混合で行われる唯一のオリンピック競技です。   T74655
Don't discriminate against people based on nationality, gender, or occupation.   T241433
国籍や性別または職業などで人を差別してはいけない。   T173039
The cockerel's splendid red cockscomb is thought to play a part in determining gender and breed.   T329383
ニワトリの赤く立派なトサカは性別や種類を見分けるときに役立っていると考えられている。   T74337
Favoring one gender over another won't win you any friends here.   T860648
No Translation   T860648
Nominate now the champion of gender-balanced business.   T538976
No Translation   T538976
Some fish are able to change their gender.   T560498
No Translation   T560498

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