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Sentences with "forces"
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They abandoned the hill to enemy forces.   T305767
彼らはその高地を敵軍に明け渡した。   T97936
They combined forces to fight the enemy.   T307676
彼らは力を合わせて敵と戦った。   T96029
The armed forces occupied the entire territory.   T237812
軍部は全領土を占領した。   T176650
The President says we must beef up our military forces.   T23032
我々は軍事力を強化すべきだと、大統領は言っている。   T185900
The armed forces succeeded in occupying the entire territory.   T237783
軍は全領土を支配するのに成功した。   T176679
American forces announced the completion of their mission in Iraq.   T506751
アメリカ軍はイラクでの戦闘任務を完了することを発表した。   T506750
A radical disarmament treaty prohibits all armaments and armed forces.   T243503
根本的な軍縮条約とは一切の軍備と軍隊を禁ずるものである。   T170977
In the world of words, the imagination is one of the forces of nature.   T239775
言葉の世界では想像力は自然に内在する力の一つである。   T174693
Rigid wheels give sufficient stability to a low-speed vehicle steered by outside forces.   T33768
ホイールに剛性があると、・・・の安定性は増す。   T196589
When two powerful forces with opposite ideals come face to face, it's time for a showdown.   T274149
相反する理想を抱いた二つの強力な勢力が対決するのは、最終手段の時である。   T140424
Allied forces were attacking from the west.   T807461
No Translation   T807461
American forces were withdrawn.   T805244
No Translation   T805244
At the Battle of Verdun, French forces stopped a German attack.   T804164
No Translation   T804164
British forces at this time were winning victories.   T804077
No Translation   T804077
Franco's forces took control in Spain.   T807320
No Translation   T807320
German forces attacked British soldiers near Amiens, France.   T804091
No Translation   T804091
Hoover withdrew American forces from Nicaragua.   T805277
No Translation   T805277
In late August, the Allied forces captured Paris.   T807650
No Translation   T807650
In the first few hours of the battle, Union forces were winning.   T804166
No Translation   T804166
Japanese and American forces were still fighting bitterly.   T804259
No Translation   T804259
Japanese forces marched into Burma.   T804248
No Translation   T804248
Pershing's forces were not sent directly into battle.   T804152
No Translation   T804152
Rebel forces prepared to fight.   T807099
No Translation   T807099
The Allies continued to build up their forces in France.   T804117
No Translation   T804117
The British and American forces moved ahead.   T804071
No Translation   T804071
The British forces were ordered to seize the weapons.   T804080
No Translation   T804080
The communist forces quickly defeated the Marines.   T831302
No Translation   T831302
The Germans then attacked the English forces on the right side.   T877842
No Translation   T877842
The Japanese military forces seemed too strong to stop.   T804255
No Translation   T804255
The Marines quickly defeated the communist forces.   T807695
No Translation   T807695

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