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Sentences with "consequences"
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You should abide by the consequences.   T16601
君はその結果を甘受すべきだ。   T177749
Those consequences are no concern of mine.   T48406
その結果がどうなろうと私には関係ない。   T211132
He calculated the consequences of his action.   T298716
彼は自分の行為の結果がどうなるかを計算した。   T104973
He wanted to do it, whatever the consequences.   T36664
どんな結果になろうと、彼はそれがやりたかった。   T199462
He had to answer for the consequences of the project.   T290889
彼はその事業の結果の責任を負わねばならなかった。   T112787
Their decision will bring about serious consequences.   T305180
彼らの決定は重大な結果を招くだろう。   T98522
That doctrine will no doubt lead to dismal consequences.   T46784
その主義はきっと良くない結果を招くだろう。   T209522
If anything goes wrong, I'll answer for the consequences.   T30919
もし何か上手く行かなければ、私がその結果に対して責任をとります。   T193751
That doctrine will no doubt lead to serious consequences.   T46785
その主義はおそらく重大な結果を招くだろう。   T209523
Automation is bound to have important social consequences.   T65129
オートメーションは必ず重要な社会的結果をもたらすだろう。   T227776
Actions should have consequences.   T816971
No Translation   T816971
He who makes the mistake bears the consequences.   T725625
No Translation   T725625
I must live with the consequences of the choices I've made.   T953533
No Translation   T953533
The consequences of Sendai's earthquake were dreadful!   T792504
No Translation   T792504
There are only a few consequences of closing the canteen.   T526647
No Translation   T526647
We have to live with the consequences of our actions.   T954473
No Translation   T954473
We have to live with the consequences of our choices.   T954474
No Translation   T954474
You disobeyed a direct order and must pay the consequences.   T587613
No Translation   T587613

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