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Sentences with "congress"
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It's a sop to Congress.   T20018
議会をなだめるための餌ですよ。   T182897
He's running for Congress.   T301192
彼は代議士に立候補しています。   T102501
The Congress went into recess.   T20019
議会は休会になりました。   T182898
He has been elected to Congress.   T296428
彼は国会へ選出された。   T107258
They introduced a bill in Congress.   T307542
彼らは法案を議会に提出した。   T96163
The medical congress was held in Kyoto.   T49642
その医学会議は京都で開催された。   T212360
He came forward as a candidate for Congress.   T295161
彼は議員に自分から進んで立候補した。   T108525
The budget was narrowly approved by Congress.   T324691
予算はかろうじて議会の承認を得た。   T79026
The federal budget was narrowly approved by Congress.   T326308
連邦予算はかろうじて議会の承認を得た。   T77411
Her ambition was consummated when she was elected to Congress.   T309831
彼女の野心国会に選出された時に達成された。   T93876
The President vetoed the bill, but Congress overrode his veto.   T275888
大統領はその法案に対して拒否権を行使しましたが、議会が再度それを無効にしました。   T137348
I am sure that more flags were burned as a result of Congress passing that law than had ever been burned before.   T326304
連邦議会がその法案を可決した結果、それまで以上に多くの国旗が焼き捨てられたに違いありません。   T77415
After much debate, Congress passed the bill.   T807490
No Translation   T807490
Both houses of Congress approved Jefferson's proposal.   T805460
No Translation   T805460
Congress approved the plan in August 1969.   T807440
No Translation   T807440
Congress approved the resolution in October.   T807495
No Translation   T807495
Congress asked for more information.   T807251
No Translation   T807251
Congress did not approve the measure.   T807281
No Translation   T807281
Congress finally approved Wilson's proposals.   T807524
No Translation   T807524
Congress passed the proposal.   T807004
No Translation   T807004
Congress refused to act.   T806849
No Translation   T806849
Congress rejected the request.   T807048
No Translation   T807048
He began to work to get Congress to reduce taxes.   T803300
No Translation   T803300
He was first elected to Congress in 1948.   T803197
No Translation   T803197
I'm following the plans made by congress.   T742799
No Translation   T742799
If pro is the opposite of con is the opposite of progress Congress?   T901533
No Translation   T901533
In 1862, Congress had passed the Homestead Act.   T807590
No Translation   T807590
Madison made an emotional speech in Congress.   T807529
No Translation   T807529
No one liked President Buchanan's message to Congress.   T805319
No Translation   T805319
The Congress accepted the compromise.   T807300
No Translation   T807300
The Congress had no money.   T804349
No Translation   T804349
The politician proposed reforms to Congress.   T681872
No Translation   T681872
The President vetoed the law after Congress passed it.   T682316
No Translation   T682316
The wartime Congress had no money.   T804353
No Translation   T804353
Tom served two terms in Congress.   T682153
No Translation   T682153

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