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Sentences with "client"
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The client talked with the lawyer.   T28299
依頼人は弁護士と相談した。   T191139
The client went running into the office.   T49669
その依頼人は事務所へかけこんだ。   T212387
He tried to imagine what the client was like.   T293541
彼は依頼人がどんな人間なのか想像してみた。   T110147
The lawyer believed in his client's innocence.   T320445
弁護士は依頼人が無罪であることを当然とおもった。   T83271
The lawyer insisted on the client's innocence.   T320448
弁護士は依頼人の無罪を主張した。   T83268
But I have an appointment with my client tomorrow.   T40919
だけど、明日はお客さんとも会わなくちゃいけないし・・・。   T203681
The lawyer spoke convincingly on behalf of his client.   T320447
弁護士は依頼人のために説得力のある発言をした。   T83269
The lawyer recommended his client to take legal action.   T320446
弁護士は依頼人に法的手段を取るように勧めた。   T83270
All those tricks he's got up his sleeve make him a formidable client.   T72002
あいつは海千山千だから、取り引き相手としてはかなり手強いぞ。   T234627
A good lawyer would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend his client.   T325866
良い弁護士は弁護依頼人を守るために、あらゆる手をつくすだろう。   T77852
When Tobita gives a plan his seal of approval, the client accepts it at first glance.   T318123
飛田課長が、太鼓判を押した企画書ならクライアントも一発OKだろう。   T85590
With all of his tricks he has mastered, he will be able to deal with any formidable client.   T326801
あいつも海千山千だから、相手と取引させてもかなり手づよいぞ。   T76919
The lawyer represented his client at the meeting.   T681899
No Translation   T681899
The lawyer warned his client against testifying, but he did it anyway.   T560314
No Translation   T560314
The lawyer will try to show that her client is innocent.   T681215
No Translation   T681215
The lawyer's job is to prove that her client is innocent.   T681810
No Translation   T681810
What's your favorite email client?   T906752
No Translation   T906752

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