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Sentences with "cell"
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He was put in a cell.   T302089
彼は独房に入れられた。   T101604
What is a cancer cell like?   T63414
ガン細胞とはどのようなものですか。   T226074
Can you give me your cell number?   T514714
携帯番号を教えて頂けませんか。   T514721
"Seen my cell phone?" "On the table!"   T644533
「俺の携帯見なかったか?」「テーブルの上よ。」   T644531
A nerve cell responds to a slight stimulus.   T269678
神経細胞は弱い刺激に反応する。   T144886
The prisoner is being quiet in the cell today.   T266258
囚人は今日は独房の中で静かにしている。   T148301
In addition to PCs, it can be used with cell phones.   T329094
パソコンに加え、携帯電話での利用が可能です。   T74625
Lately high school girls are using their cell phones to exchange e-mail.   T243792
最近の女子高生は、携帯でメールしているらしい。   T170689
Oh no! I wasn't paying attention and left my cell phone in the restaurant!   T53382
しまった!ウッカリして、携帯電話をお店に忘れてきちゃった。   T216081
Every person in this community is like a cell in the immune system of a healthy human body.   T57917
この地域社会に住む一人一人は、健康な人間が持つ免疫機構の細胞のようなもだ。   T220595
"Have you seen my cell phone?" "It's on the table."   T644918
No Translation   T644918
A bystander videotaped the police beating using their cell phone.   T752985
No Translation   T752985
Could you please tell me what your cell phone number is?   T515002
No Translation   T515002
How can you have a laptop and not a cell phone?   T2408
No Translation   T2408
I'm going to buy a cell phone tomorrow.   T684698
No Translation   T684698
I'm gonna get a cell phone tomorrow!   T684700
No Translation   T684700
My cell phone doesn't work.   T679859
No Translation   T679859
The iPhone is an extraordinary cell phone.   T518931
No Translation   T518931
The silence in the library was disturbed by the ringing of a cell phone.   T682030
No Translation   T682030
Would you be so kind as to let me borrow your cell phone, please?   T915851
No Translation   T915851
You should turn off your cell phone.   T652252
No Translation   T652252

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