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Sentences with "campaign"
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The campaign took his breath.   T50551
そのキャンペーンは、彼を驚かせた。   T213265
We take part in a Red Cross campaign.   T248963
私たちは赤十字運動に参加する。   T165542
We started a campaign against smoking.   T248561
私たちは喫煙反対の運動を開始した。   T165943
They are waging a campaign against AIDS.   T305530
彼らはエイズ撲滅運動を行っている。   T98172
He fought a successful election campaign.   T300706
彼は選挙運動を戦い勝利を手に入れた。   T102987
The campaign seems to be going like a bomb.   T273539
選挙運動は実に順調にいっているようだ。   T141033
Does he have anything to do with the campaign?   T290581
彼はその運動に関係があるのですか。   T113094
Our sales campaign is successful in a big way.   T23545
我が社の販売活動は大いに成功しています。   T186409
The campaign succeeded and he won the election.   T45657
その選挙運動が成功して、彼は選挙に勝った。   T208399
The campaign succeeded and she won the election.   T273540
選挙運動は成功し、彼女は当選した。   T141032
How did the company dream up its new ad campaign?   T49064
その会社は新しい広告キャンペーンをどうやって考えでしたのかしら。   T211787
A national campaign for energy saving is underway.   T268193
省エネルギーの全国運動が展開中だ。   T146369
As the days passed, our campaign grew in momentum.   T281041
日がたつにつれて我々の運動ははずみがついた。   T122961
A group started a campaign to preserve rain forests.   T67202
ある団体が雨林を保護する運動を起こした。   T229839
He was a hero of the African campaign in World War II.   T301363
彼は第2次大戦でアフリカ作戦の英雄だった。   T102331
Some politicians never make good on campaign promises.   T273543
選挙公約を果たしてくれない政治家がいる。   T141029
Students took the lead in the campaign against pollution.   T21450
学生たちが公害反対運動の先頭に立った。   T184322
Lobbyists for the bill funneled bribes into a campaign fund.   T321030
法案通過を推進しているロビイストは、運動資金に賄賂の金をまぎれこませました。   T82686
The political campaign has turned into a dirty fight at last.   T273544
選挙戦はとうとう泥試合になってしまった。   T141028
The ruling party is running a smear campaign against the opposition.   T324786
与党は野党非難のキャンペーンを展開しています。   T78930
The advertising campaign generated a lot of business for the company.   T273147
宣伝活動のお陰で会社には仕事がたくさん入った。   T141424
The Democrats bought space on commercial TV for the campaign.   T322699
民主党は選挙運動のために民放テレビの放送枠を買いました。   T81016
A campaign is underway throughout the company to achieve economy in the use of copying paper.   T56423
コピー紙の節約運動が全社的に展開されている。   T219107
Benjamin Harrison's campaign was well-organized.   T807610
No Translation   T807610
Communism was the biggest issue in the campaign.   T807612
No Translation   T807612
Do you think the campaign was successful in Italy?   T928602
No Translation   T928602
Kim Kardashian started a campaign against Turkey, so I never like her.   T723926
No Translation   T723926
Lo, we have conceived a great campaign.   T497105
No Translation   T497105
Many campaign songs were written.   T807141
No Translation   T807141
One of the big issues in the campaign was taxes.   T807624
No Translation   T807624
Our campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington.   T330440
No Translation   T330440
Our city police have a new campaign targeting drunken driving.   T952859
No Translation   T952859
The campaign was successful and she won the election.   T388856
No Translation   T388856
The Communists launched a major military campaign.   T807692
No Translation   T807692
The Democrats bought space on commercial television for the campaign.   T322699
No Translation   T322699
The election campaign of 1880 was not exciting.   T807601
No Translation   T807601
The request became a hot political issue in the presidential campaign.   T805297
No Translation   T805297
We have to encourage people to join the campaign and work with us.   T923909
No Translation   T923909

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