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Sentences with "authors"
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I have read many modern authors.   T259270
私は多くの現代作家を読んだ。   T155269
Here the authors touch on the central methodological issue.   T61829
ここにおいて、著者たちは方法論の中心的な問題に言及している。   T224494
For this reason, the credibility of the book's authors rests on the credibility of their sources.   T56525
この理由により、著者に関する信憑性は、資料の信憑性に拠っているのである。   T219209
The authors state quite categorically that the female members of only a small number of species also sing.   T277699
著者たちはごく少数の種の雌も歌うと非常に明確に述べている。   T126293
Graham Greene is one of my favorite authors.   T387460
No Translation   T387460
He is one of Spain's most famous authors.   T434938
No Translation   T434938
One of my favorite authors is Herman Melville.   T499907
No Translation   T499907
This sentence has no authors.   T737519
No Translation   T737519

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