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Sentences with "army"
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He entered the army.   T304635
彼は陸軍に入った。   T99064
I went into the army.   T262188
私は陸軍に入った。   T152362
He is an army officer.   T304636
彼は陸軍士官だ。   T99063
The army had to retreat.   T237784
軍は退却しなければならんかった。   T176678
He was drafted into the army.   T295663
彼は軍に徴兵された。   T108023
Our army attacked the kingdom.   T29218
わがぐんはそのおうこくを襲った。   T192056
The army advanced up the hill.   T237800
軍隊は丘の上へ前進した。   T176662
An army travels on its stomach.   T319846
腹がへっては戦ができぬ。   T83870
Japan's army was very powerful.   T281374
日本の軍隊は非常に強力だった。   T122629
The army advanced on the enemy.   T237806
軍隊は敵に向かって進撃した。   T176656
He was discharged from the army.   T295665
彼は軍職を免職になった。   T108021
Germany then had a powerful army.   T279914
当時ドイツは強力な軍隊を持っていた。   T124081
The hostile army began to attack.   T278693
敵軍が攻撃を開始した。   T125300
The army took over the government.   T237780
軍が政府を乗っ取った。   T176682
The army has advanced to the river.   T237804
軍隊は川のところまで進出した。   T176658
The parade was led by an army band.   T49998
そのパレードは軍楽隊に先導された。   T212716
He was in the army for thirty years.   T288524
彼は30年間陸軍にいた。   T115147
The army had the revolt well in hand.   T237807
軍隊は反乱を制圧した。   T176655
During the war, he served in the army.   T273249
戦時中、彼は陸軍に所属していた。   T141322
He retired from the army 20 years ago.   T288479
彼は20年前に陸軍を退役した。   T115192
Our army took the kingdom by surprise.   T23566
我が軍はその王国を不意打ちにした。   T186429
There was an army of ants at the cake.   T62660
ケーキにアリの大群がむらがっていた。   T225323
The town was defended by a large army.   T21773
街は大軍によって守られた。   T184645
Napoleon's army has advanced to Moscow.   T36274
ナポレオンの軍隊はモスクワに進軍した。   T199076
Sam joined the army when he was eighteen.   T54034
サムは18才で入隊した。   T216728
The army abandoned the town to the enemy.   T237782
軍はその町から兵を引いて敵に明け渡した。   T176680
Our army broke through the enemy defenses.   T23563
我が軍は敵の防御を突破した。   T186427
The army slowly advanced across the river.   T48595
その軍隊は川を渡ってゆっくりと前進した。   T211321
Macbeth raised an army to attack his enemy.   T32871
マクベスは敵を襲撃するために軍隊を召集した。   T195696
The army besieged the castle for many days.   T237803
軍隊は城を何日間も包囲した。   T176659
The army was called to suppress the revolt.   T44426
その反乱を鎮圧するために軍隊の出動が要請された。   T207175
Our army attacked the enemy during the night.   T29191
わが軍は敵に夜襲をかけた。   T192029
The defeated army retreated from the country.   T282437
敗北した軍はその国から撤退した。   T121568
The new president wants to build up the army.   T269339
新大統領は軍を増強したいと思っている。   T145224
A great number of citizens went into the army.   T274842
多くの国民が陸軍に入隊した。   T138393
The army surrendered its arsenal to the enemy.   T237785
軍は敵に弾薬庫を引き渡した。   T176677
The army was advancing in the wrong direction.   T237798
軍隊は違う方向に進んでいた。   T176664
He received an honorable discharge from the army.   T295664
彼は軍を名誉除隊した。   T108022
"Your army is impotent against mine!!" he laughed.   T73930
「おまえの軍など我が軍に対しては無力だよ」と、彼は笑っていった。   T236655
The army made inroads into the neighboring country.   T48594
その軍隊は隣国に侵入した。   T211320
Napoleon's army lost the battle of Waterloo in 1815.   T36275
ナポレオンの軍隊は1815年にワーテルローの戦いに敗れた。   T199077
I had been in the army for a month when the war ended.   T237791
軍隊に入って一ヶ月してから戦争が終わった。   T176671
Napoleon's army now advanced and a great battle begins.   T36276
ナポレオンの軍勢は今や進撃し、大きな戦いが始まる。   T199078
The commanding officer led his army into enemy territory.   T246252
指揮官は軍を率いて敵地に入った。   T168241
In an army no man is permitted to leave without permission.   T237790
軍隊では無断退出する事は許されない。   T176672
If he could pass for eighteen years old, he'd join the army.   T73306
18歳だとごまかしても通るのなら彼は軍隊にはいりたいのだが。   T235925
An army is a nation within a nation; it is one of the vices of our age.   T237802
軍隊は国家の中の国家である、現代の諸悪のひとつである。   T176660
The general took the bull by the horns and saved his army from disaster.   T267465
将軍は難局に敢然と立ち向かい、自軍を破滅から救った。   T147096
The army was involved in a number of brilliant actions during the battle.   T48593
その軍団は戦闘中多くの輝かしい作戦に従事した。   T211319
He had heard that war had started, but it didn't sink in for a long time until his father was drafted into the army.   T273273
戦争が始まったと聞いたが、父親が軍に徴兵されるまで長いこと、彼はそれを十分に実感していなかった。   T237507
A language is a dialect with an army and navy.   T734036
No Translation   T734036
A large army and navy would be needed.   T805376
No Translation   T805376
A Union army doctor watched the battle from a distance.   T804155
No Translation   T804155
An army was divided into the vanguard, the rearguard and the main body.   T722567
No Translation   T722567
For the first time, his army went into battle.   T804141
No Translation   T804141
General Lee and the Confederate Army lost the great battle.   T804162
No Translation   T804162
He joined the Army during the war.   T804204
No Translation   T804204
He ordered an army officer to go with them.   T803223
No Translation   T803223
He resigned and joined the army.   T803107
No Translation   T803107
He returned to the army camp.   T805380
No Translation   T805380
His army was west of the Mississippi River.   T805381
No Translation   T805381
I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't have enlisted in the army.   T953817
No Translation   T953817
Japan's army took control of the government in Tokyo in late 1931.   T804267
No Translation   T804267
Lee's army fought off each attack.   T805373
No Translation   T805373
Napoleon's army advanced up to Moscow.   T838855
No Translation   T838855
Our country will prevail, because ours is a big and brave army.   T735464
No Translation   T735464
Our country will win, for our army is big and brave.   T735466
No Translation   T735466
Public pressure forced the army to act.   T805377
No Translation   T805377
Right after I graduated from college, I went into the army.   T954256
No Translation   T954256
Santa Ana's army was destroyed.   T805369
No Translation   T805369
The Army Air Corps, which became the U.S. Air Force, began in 1918.   T680140
No Translation   T680140
The army chief reported that the war was lost.   T804232
No Translation   T804232
The army faced little opposition.   T805372
No Translation   T805372
The army forced him to resign.   T805368
No Translation   T805368
The army had no men near Harpers Ferry.   T805378
No Translation   T805378
The army had plenty of weapons.   T659328
No Translation   T659328
The army is in the north to protect the border.   T462558
No Translation   T462558
The army quelled the rebellion.   T480044
No Translation   T480044
The army sent soldiers to remove the miners.   T805356
No Translation   T805356
The army was on the warpath.   T947368
No Translation   T947368
The army was unexpectedly attacked.   T777613
No Translation   T777613
The Brazilian army got ready for the attack.   T871378
No Translation   T871378
The Confederate army retreated.   T805370
No Translation   T805370
The German army made a final effort to defeat the Allies.   T804118
No Translation   T804118
The Mahdi Army is a private militia in Iraq.   T681469
No Translation   T681469
The Mexican army threatened action.   T805375
No Translation   T805375
The southern army needed men and supplies.   T804286
No Translation   T804286
The Texans began to organize their own army.   T805382
No Translation   T805382
The Union army shelled the city.   T805371
No Translation   T805371
The Union army's supply lines were on the north side.   T804290
No Translation   T804290
They organized a state army.   T802197
No Translation   T802197
They refused to join the army.   T802216
No Translation   T802216
They said his army was not strong enough to attack.   T802679
No Translation   T802679
Victory and defeat aren't solely decided by the size of your army.   T558520
No Translation   T558520
Washington's army has captured Trenton.   T805379
No Translation   T805379
Who was going to organize these men into an army?   T805383
No Translation   T805383
Without supplies, his army could not fight very long.   T804291
No Translation   T804291

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