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Sentences with "abuse"
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He showered abuse on me.   T297692
彼は私に毒舌を浴びせた。   T105994
She showered abuse on me.   T314182
彼女は私に悪口を浴びせた。   T89531
He was punished for child abuse.   T304508
彼は幼児虐待で罰せられた。   T99190
He flung a stream of abuse at me.   T297562
彼は私に悪態を浴びせかけた。   T106124
Words of abuse poured from his lips.   T35750
ののしりの言葉が彼の口をついて出てきた。   T198557
They burst out into a storm of abuse.   T306422
彼らは激しくののしり始めた。   T97280
She walked out on her boyfriend after three years of abuse.   T245005
三年間暴力を受けた後彼女は彼を捨てた。   T169480
His paper confronts the question of child abuse in nuclear families.   T287824
彼の論文は核家族における幼児虐待という問題に対処しようとするものである。   T115846
It is the place where there is no person in question, and you shouldn't say abuse.   T279968
当人がいないところで悪口を言うべきではない。   T124027
I'm not afraid of anything after having verbal abuse heaped on me like that. In fact, I feel empowered by it.   T56099
これだけ悪口雑言を浴びせられれば、後は怖いものなどありゃしない。かえってすっきりするよ。   T218784
There must be equal pay for equal work, and where this is not the case, the abuse must be resisted at all costs.   T245309
仕事が等しければ給料も等しくなければならず、そうでない場合には、その悪習をどんなにしてでも阻止しなければならない。   T169178
Child abuse is against the law.   T680054
No Translation   T680054
He heaped abuse on the rather surprised clerk.   T703011
No Translation   T703011
If you abuse your computer, it won't work well.   T680059
No Translation   T680059
My father is oblivious to the emotional pain his abuse caused me.   T644602
No Translation   T644602
People shouldn't abuse animals.   T680058
No Translation   T680058
They're against animal abuse.   T680055
No Translation   T680055
Tom has a problem with drug abuse.   T680056
No Translation   T680056
We can only abuse of things that are good.   T901867
No Translation   T901867

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