Interesting Things for ESL Students
Word Search for ESL Students
Find the Hidden Words.
By Charles I. Kelly
A Java-enabled browser is required for this puzzle.

How to Play

  • (Wait for the Java applet to load.)
  • Click the 'New Game' button, then wait for the words to load.
  • Then drag your mouse slowly over the grid to select a word.
  • Once found, words will remain circled.
  • If you want to give up, then click 'Solve Game', then wait while the puzzle is solved.
  • After you finish, you may click 'New Game' to get another set of words.

The Puzzles

  1. School
  2. Jobs
  3. Tools
  4. The Media
  5. People

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Copyright © 2000 by Charles I. Kelly
The Java applet is Copyright © 1999 by Mike Hall