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Java Scrambled Word Game

Days of the Week (7 of 7 Words)

A Java-enabled browser is required for this puzzle.
This game randomly scrambles the letters of the word.

How to Play

  • (Wait for the applet to download.)
  • Try to guess the word.
  • Then click in the applet to show the answer.
  • After showing the answer, click again for another randomly-chosen word with scrambled letters.

  • Note:
    • This applet will randomly scramble (mix up; jumble) the letters, so sometimes it is possible that the letters will not be scrambled.
    • This applet will randomly choose the next word, so sometimes you may get the same word again.
The Java Applet, Copyright © 1999 by Eric Harshbarger

Known Bug: The menu goes behind any Java applet.

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